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What is being proposed by Defence on the Randwick Barracks Site?

There are two proposals being considered for part of the site by Defence to develop residential accommodation for Defence personnel and their families. The first is the 62 single dwellings fronting Bundock St and the other is a development of 991 one bedroom apartments in a low-rise building format known as Sydney Live-In Accommodation (LIA). These proposals are being managed in two stages by Defence. The Randwick Barracks site has been identified by Defence as a suitable location for Defence housing given its strategic location and size. The diagram below shows the location of the proposals and comprises approximately 19.5 hectares.

Defence site Bundock St redevelopment

Does Council have an approval role?

As a Commonwealth owned site State and local planning controls are not applicable. Defence will be assessing the proposals and will provide Council with plans, studies and associated documentation for review. Whilst Council does not have a consent role, Council officers will review the plans and technical studies and report the proposals to Council. Council’s formal advice will be provided to Defence.

What approval process will be followed by Department of Defence?

Both projects will be referred to the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water in accordance with the Environment Protection Biodiversity Conservation Act.  The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works is responsible for issuing any approvals for the proposals.

What studies are being undertaken?

Defence is undertaking technical studies including ecological, traffic and cultural heritage studies, services infrastructure, tree assessment, architecture and urban design.
Defence has provided Council a copy of the Contamination Assessment Study for the site. The NSW Environment Protection Authority’s requirements must be followed for the site investigations.  Defence is engaging a NSW EPA Accredited Site Auditor to monitor and approve contamination investigations. Contamination investigation processes being carried out by Defence are described here: SydneyLIA-Contamination.jpg (
Council has engaged an independent EPA accredited site auditor at Douglas Partners, Environmental Consultants, to undertake a peer review of the Detailed Site Contamination Investigation carried out by SLR Consulting on behalf of Defence Housing Australia. The peer review report, dated 10 February 2023 considers the suitability of the contamination investigation and compliance with relevant NSW site contamination requirements and guidelines.

The peer review report PDF, 454.68 KB prepared by Douglas Partners also includes recommendations regarding the investigation and management of contamination on the site, which will be forwarded to Defence for consideration.

Do the existing planning controls in the Randwick Development Control Plan 2013 apply?

DCP 2013 contains site specific controls for the design, environmental outcomes and amenity requirements for new residential development on the site. These controls were prepared following the preparation of a Masterplan adopted by Council in 2001.
Council officers have advised Defence that the existing DCP contains objectives, guidance, urban design principles and environmental design requirements that are relevant and should be addressed in the current proposals.

What is the timing for delivery?

The 62 Bundock St housing development proposal will be referred to the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (DCCEEW) for environmental assessment under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act 1999. In 2023, a submission will be made to the Public Works Committee and a decision will be made. Following site remediation, construction will commence and be completed in 2026.
Defence’s indicative timing for the LIA project is provided on the Defence website: Sydney Live-In-Accommodation Precinct Development : Department of Defence. A tender for the design is likely to be released in quarter 1 2023. Construction is likely to commence in 2024 and completed in 2026, subject to Commonwealth approval.

How is Defence engaging with the community?

Between 15 August and 4 November 2022, Defence conducted community engagement activities which were held at the Randwick Community Centre. Defence is continuing to address and respond to issues raised by the community whilst completing technical studies and project designs. Defence will be arranging further community information sessions and distribute regular newsletters in the coming months.

How can I find out more?

Further information can be obtained from the Defence website
Sydney Live-In-Accommodation Precinct Development : Department of Defence
Contact email for Defence:
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Last Updated: 22 February 2023
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