Sacred Heart Monastery

1 Roma Avenue, Kensington

Designed by Sheerin and Hennessy and built by Dugald McIntyre in 1895. Chapel attached to Monastery designed by Arthur S. King and built by P.D. Ryan in 1923.

In 1885 it was decided that a training house for missionaries was required in Sydney. As a result of this decision the priests and sisters bought adjoining properties on the sandhills at Kensington.

Built of Pyrmont sandstone the imposing monastery and convent of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart both opened in 1897.

The monastery acted as a Catholic Church for the local Catholics from 1897 to 1907 when a school-church was built outside the monastery property.

Arthur S. King designed and P.D. Ryan built the Bishop Verjus Memorial Chapel attached to the monastery in 1923.

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