Swimming pool safety

Safety practices for swimming pools

Did you know?   An average of 10 children under five drown each year in backyard swimming pools across Australia.

Tragically, in addition to the deaths, many more children suffer serious injuries or permanent damage as a result of near-drowning experiences.

Pool fences prevent tragedies

Many of these tragedies could be prevented by ensuring that there are adequate swimming pool fences and barriers surrounding all swimming pools and spas.

Unfortunately, too many children still drown or suffer severe consequences of near drownings in backyard pools.

That's why it's essential to have adequate barriers and fences with proper safety locks around your pool.

As a pool owner, you are responsible for safety in and around your pool.

No substitute for adult supervision

Did you know?   Kids can drown without a sound!

Effective safety barriers are essential, but there's no substitute for constant adult supervision.

Children in and around swimming pools and spas must be watched at all times, whatever their swimming ability may be.

Maintain your pool fences, barriers and locks

Home owners and occupiers must ensure that swimming pool fencing and other barriers are maintained in a good condition and that all gates are self-closing and self-latching at all times.

How to prevent drowning

These key actions can prevent a child drowning:

  • Always supervise children
  • Restrict their access to the pool
  • Educate them in water awareness
  • Ensure someone has resuscitation and first aid skills
  • Ensure your pool fencing and barriers comply with the relevant standards.

Crucial safety practices

  • Always supervise children from within arm's reach when they are in and around the water.
  • Never rely on older siblings to supervise younger children, no matter how confident you are about their ability to watch the younger child. Children are not capable of such responsibility.
  • Learn resuscitation - Infant and Child Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).
  • Teach your children to swim and familiarise them with water, but never assume that they are not likely to drown.

Classes and courses for pool safety

If you're a parent, we encourage you to introduce your children to water safety at an early age and to enrol them in swimming classes.

There are a number of learn-to-swim classes available within the Randwick City area. Please refer to the local yellow pages, or contact Council's Des Renford Leisure Centre.

We also encourage you to learn resuscitation techniques in case of an emergency. Resuscitation (CPR) training is available through the Royal Life Saving Society of Australia.

Last Updated: 24 October 2022
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