Pool registration

Compulsory registration of swimming pools

If you're the owner of premises with a swimming pool or spa, you must register the pool or spa on the NSW Swimming Pool Register, in accordance with the Swimming Pools Act 1992.

Registration of existing pools was required to be made before 29 October 2013. If you have not yet registered your pool, please register it as soon as possible to avoid possible penalties.

All new swimming pools and spa pools must be registered before the appointed Council or Private Accredited Certifier can issue an Occupation Certificate for the pool.

How to register your pool

You can register your pool or spa online via the Swimming Pool Register website.

The Swimming Pool Register is administered by the NSW Department of Planning & Environment, Division of Local Government.

Pool safety self-assessment

As a pool owner, you're also required to carry out a self-assessment of your pool and to advise if it meets the relevant pool safety standards, using the pool inspection self-assessment checklists on the Swimming Pool Register website.

The specific requirements and standards of installation principally depend upon the time of installation of the pool and also the nature and size of the property at that time.

Please refer to the specific requirements and checklists for your swimming pool or spa pool on the website for the Division of Local Government.

Pool safety self-assessment checklists help to assess if your pool meets the relevant safety standards. However, a more detailed inspection by a Council or Private Accredited Certifier may identify matters that may need to be attended to, to achieve compliance with the Swimming Pools Act 1992 and relevant standards.

Professional pool inspections

To be sure your pool fencing and barriers meet the government requirements, you may also wish to apply to the Council or a Private Accredited Certifier for a professional pool inspection and to get a Certificate of Compliance.

If your pool does not comply, Council will provide you with a reasonable period in which to comply with the relevant requirements.

Swimming pool safety tips

See our page on swimming pool safety for advice on preventing drowning and other pool accidents.

Last Updated: 24 October 2022
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