Malabar Beach

1-3R Fishermans Road, Malabar NSW 2036

1-3R Fishermans Road, Malabar NSW 2036

  • Unpatrolled beach
  • Boat ramp

  • Smoking is prohibited in this area
  • Alcohol prohibited
  • Dogs prohibited on beach
  • Camping prohibited
  • Fires prohibited
  • Glass prohibited
  • Removal of flora & fauna prohibited

Alcohol prohibited

A permanent alcohol ban applies at this location.

Malabar Beach cam

Beachcam offline?  

Council’s beach cams operate in a difficult environment where sea spray, heavy rainfall, vandalism and storm damage may take the cameras offline for a period of time.  Council automatically monitors availability of the beach cameras however repairs to bring them back online are not always quick and easy.

There is no need to contact Council regarding beach cams being offline as we already know, and rest assured that we are working to bring them back online.


Malabar Beach is one of Randwick City's lesser-known beaches – and the locals like it this way. It features a rock pool located on the southern foreshore below Randwick Golf Club. On the northern side of the bay is a boat ramp and the home base for the Randwick District Offshore Rescue Boat

Cromwell Park is located directly behind the beach where there is a children's playground and public toilets, showers and changerooms.

The beach is popular with families due to the normally placid conditions. Walking, jogging, sunbathing, rock fishing, snorkelling, scuba diving and kayaking are all popular activities.

There are two shipwrecks in the bay, the MV Malabar and the Goolgwai, both popular with divers.

Dogs, alcohol and glass bottles are not permitted on the beach area.

The beach is not patrolled by Lifeguards or lifesavers.

The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage Beachwatch program advises as a general precaution to avoid swimming during and for 24-hours after heavy rain. Stormwater runoff from surrounding streets drain to the beach which may pollute the water.


Council has also installed a beach access mat across the sand to allow people with disabilities or mobility challenges to get closer to the water's edge.  Occasionally the matting may be removed due to ocean and weather conditions however, the mat will be replaced before the end of February 2023. Please note, the mat is not installed to provide access into the water.

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Last Updated: 14 February 2023
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