Malabar Precinct

The Malabar Precinct is currently inactive (as of December 2022).

Malabar residents can contact Council directly via our website, email or by phone 9093 6000 to report a problem, make a suggestion or find out more about what's happening in the local area. You can also get involved in Council projects by registering with Your Say Randwick.

Malabar Precinct comprised the suburb of Malabar.

Key areas of interest: Beach and coastal management, Malabar Wastewater Resource Recovery Plant, reducing the impact of noise from Port Botany, enhancing the parks and open spaces around Malabar, and road safety at Malabar Junction.

Below are the Minutes and Council responses for Malabar Precinct meetings held in 2022.

MinutesCouncil Response
Minutes 8 March 2022
PDF, 181.6 KB
No resolutions requiring a response from Council
Minutes 9 August 2022
PDF, 122.39 KB
No resolutions requiring a response from Council
Minutes 13 September 2022
PDF, 217.53 KB
Resolutions being investigated

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Last Updated: 27 January 2023
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