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Starting from Monday 15 February 2021, we will collect your old green lid bins and deliver your new green lid FOGO bin, kitchen caddy and compostable liners. These will all help you to put your food scraps to good use.

Also included will be a FOGO Welcome Pack that will help answer your questions. We've included links to these documents, below, so you can always access them.

The start of the new FOGO service means we will collect your green lid FOGO bins weekly, so don’t forget to put your FOGO bin out for collection every week, starting in March.

How you will receive your new bin, kitchen caddy and compostable liners

If you live in a house, you will receive your new FOGO bin 1-2 days before your next green lid bin collection day. The kitchen caddy, compostable liners and welcome pack, which explains how to FOGO, will be zip-tied to the handle of your new FOGO bin. If you find your new FOGO bin doesn't have any other items with it, please call Council on 9093 6000 so we can arrange delivery of items.

If you live in an apartment, we will deliver your new green bins on your next green lid bin collection day. We will deliver kitchen caddies and liners to your building separately. If you live in a small block of units, we will deliver these to your building entrance or foyer. If there is not a safe place to leave the items, there will be a postcard to tell you where to pick them up. If you live in a block with 20 or more units, we will deliver them to your building manager to distribute.

In all cases, a postcard will be left in your letterbox to tell you that the caddies and liners have arrived and where you can find them. The postcard will look like this.

FOGO postcard

Your FOGO Welcome Pack

When you receive your new kitchen caddy and compostable liners, you will also receive a Welcome Pack that will tell you what can go in your FOGO bin, how often bins will be collected and provide you with some tips and tricks  to become a first class FOGO-er. If you lose those documents fear not, you can download them and keep a digital copy for yourself.


You will receive a pack of 52 compostable liners every three months. If you run out before then, you can collect more from one of our three libraries, the customer service centre (30 Frances St Randwick) or the Randwick Recycling Centre located in Matraville. Alternatively you can wrap your food scraps in newspaper or put them in your FOGO bin loose. Please do not use plastic bags or 'biodegradable' bags in your FOGO bin as these are not compostable.

If purchasing liners yourself, only purchase green-coloured, certified compostable liners with the compostable logo.

Collecting old bins

Bins are usually retrieved after being emptied on the day of service, but sometimes it can take until the weekend for them to be removed. If it hasn’t been collected straight away, we suggest leaving your bin out on the kerb. If you are able, turn it upside down to stop others putting litter or waste in it. If it hasn’t been collected after a few days please email with your address so we can arrange for it to be  picked up.

Bin collection frequency will change from 1 March 2021

If you live in a house, the collection frequency of the red lid bins will become fortnightly. This means you will present your red lid rubbish bin for collection on the alternate week to your yellow lid recycling bin. If you live in a unit or your bins are shared with other households then your red lid bin will continue to be collected weekly.

bin collection

Waste Calendars

You might have received your new 2021 Waste Calendar. If you have not received it yet, keep an eye on your letterbox for it or head to this page to find your next collection date.

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