Local Environmental Plan (LEP)

The Randwick Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2012 commenced on 15 February 2013 and provides the main legal (or statutory) document for planning and development in Randwick City.

It controls how land is used (via zones) and sets out provisions for how land can be developed. It also contains provisions to conserve Randwick's heritage and protect sensitive land.

The LEP comprises the written Instrument and a range of maps including land zoning, floor space ratio, height of buildings, protection of trees and heritage conservation, as well as a number of other environmental requirements. It was adopted by Council following intensive consultation with the community, and formally approved by the NSW Minister for Planning, under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

To view the Randwick LEP 2012 on the NSW legislation website:

To view the LEP maps on the NSW legislation website:

Vision 2040: Shaping Randwick's Future

In March 2018, the Greater Sydney Commission released ‘The Greater Sydney Region Plan - A Metropolis of Three Cities’ and District Plans for each of Greater Sydney’s five districts. Randwick City Council is included within the Eastern City District Plan. These plans require councils to prepare a Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS).

The LSPS is a statutory document to implement actions from the Regional and District Plans at a local level, and it will inform a review and update of the Randwick’s LEP and DCP.

The LSPS outlines our future vision for planning across Randwick City and sets the direction around where we live, work, play and how we move around while also recognising and preserving Randwick City’s values and special characteristics.

Council is preparing a local area character analysis which will form part of the Local Strategic Planning Statement. More information on this can be found here.

Housing strategy

Alongside the LSPS, the Greater Sydney Commission’s regional and district plans require all councils to prepare a housing strategy to guide short, medium, and long-term housing growth in response projected population growth.

The strategy links our vision for housing with the housing objectives and targets of the Greater Sydney Commission strategic plans. The actions of the strategy will inform an update to Council’s planning controls for residential development.

The LSPS and housing strategy is on exhibition from 1 – 29 October 2019. The LSPS, housing strategy and how to have your say can be viewed here.

Planning Proposals

Preparation of a planning proposal is required as part of the plan making process to amend the Local Environmental Plan.

A planning proposal may deal with a minor change to an existing LEP or it may aim to introduce a new precinct or Council-wide LEP.

Click here to find out more about planning proposals.

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