McIver's Ladies Baths

145-149R Beach Street, Coogee NSW 2034

145-149R Beach Street, Coogee NSW 2034
  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Changing facilities

  • Ladies only

  • Smoking is prohibited in this area
  • Ladies only
  • Dogs prohibited
  • Fires prohibited
  • Glass prohibited

Opening hours

Summer 2022-23 7am-7pm

COVID safety

The McIvers Ladies Baths is managed by the Randwick and Coogee Ladies Swimming Association (R&CLSA).

The Association is committed to protecting the health and well-being of community members visiting the baths and have implemented a number of COVID safety  initiatives which have been inspected and verified by officers from the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District’s Public Health Unit.

The controls include:

  • regular monitoring of patron numbers
  • provision of hand sanitiser and
  • checking the temperature of people entering the facility.

All patrons are required to check in by registering their contact details with staff at the baths or scanning a QR code available at the baths.

We ask that people feeling unwell do not attend the baths and encourage people to also consider wearing a mask while getting to the baths.

Cleaning Schedule

Randwick City Council does not use any chemicals to clean or maintain our ocean pools. Ocean pools are regularly inspected by Council staff and when required they are steam cleaned.

This pool is scheduled for cleaning every Tuesday however, this program can change at very short notice due to tidal and weather conditions impacting upon the access and cleanliness of the pool.


McIver's Ladies Baths are perched on a cliff face and rock platform between Coogee Beach and Wylie's Baths. The baths have magnificent oceans views and are relatively well screened from the surrounding area. Steps lead from Grant Reserve down the cliff to the pool.

The baths consist of a large concrete sea pool, brick sunbathing area, change rooms, amenities block and small clubhouse. It is surrounded by native coastal vegetation and small grassed areas.

It is the last remaining women's-only seawater pool in Australia and has been in continuous use since its establishment. The State Government granted the pool an exemption from the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Act in 1995. They are open only to women and children. There are numerous other nearby ocean pools that are not restricted including Wylie's Baths, Ross Jones Memorial Pool and Giles Baths.


According to a National Trust report on the baths, they have been used as a spot for bathing for women since before 1876. The baths themselves were built in 1886 and the lease expired in 1901. The McIver family ran the baths until 1922 when the Randwick Ladies Amateur Swimming Club was formed. The club took over the lease and has held it since that time.

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Last Updated: 24 November 2022
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