Women's Art Prize

International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. The Prize celebrates the creative talents of local women and gives the community an opportunity to enjoy an exhibition of their work at Randwick Community Centre with a 'best of the exhibition' continuing at the Lionel Bowen Library Gallery.

Each year Randwick Council celebrates International Women's Day by running the women's only art prize. This provides a platform for women who live, go to school, or work in Randwick City to showcase their achievements and creativity. This event is the Council's way of recognising and celebrating the important contribution women make to families, workplaces and communities.

Jessica Evans – Tahirih’s Legacy

Jessica Evans – Tahirih’s Legacy

2020 Women's Art Prize

Who can enter?

You must be a female and aged 12 years and over who lives, works or studies in the City of Randwick.

How do I enter?

Complete the online form. Your entry must be delivered to Randwick Community Centre, Munda Street, Randwick between 2pm and 6pm on Monday 2 March 2020. There is a limit of one entry per person and late entries will not be accepted.

You can also print and complete a hardcopy of the entry form PDF, 521.88 KB if there's any issues with the online form.

Randwick City Council is authorised to display entries in Randwick Community Centre and the Lionel Bowen Library Gallery for the duration of the exhibition (see below). Entrants give permission for their artwork to be photographed for promotional purposes.

What type of art can I enter?

Visual art only can by entered. Artworks may be of any medium including: drawing, painting, photography, collage, computer generated, sculpture or installation and must be a recent original work by you.

Please note, there is no theme for this art prize. A selection of the best works will be exhibited at Lionel Bowen Library Gallery from 17 March to 28 April 2020. You will be notified by Council staff after the award presentation if your artwork has been selected.

How big can my entry be?

Maximum size of work accepted is 1 square metre including the frame and no more than 15 kilograms in weight. Paintings on canvas need not be framed but must be properly stretched, with D-rings or screw eyes screwed into stretcher sides 100mm from the top. Works on paper (including photographs) must be framed in timber or aluminium behind glass, and be secured in the frame with staples (or equivalent) and tape.

The backing must be appropriate material e.g. foam core and must have D-rings or screw eyes for hanging positioned 100mm from the top. Artworks not suitably prepared will not be accepted.

What are the categories and prizes?

1st Prize $5001st Prize $700$150
2nd Prize $3002nd Prize $400 
3rd Prize $2003rd Prize $300 

Will my artwork be safe?

All care is taken with artworks however Council cannot be held responsible for any theft or damage. All responsibility remains with the artist. Council does not insure works in transit, storage or on exhibition.

How do I get my entry back?

All works must be collected from the Randwick Community Centre on Friday 13 March 2020 between 2pm and 6pm (identification will be required). Randwick City Council will not be responsible for works not collected on this date. Artworks to be exhibited at Lionel Bowen Library Gallery will be transported to the gallery by Council staff.

What happens if I win?

All entrants are invited to the awards event at the Randwick Community Centre, Munda Street, Randwick on Saturday 7 March 2020 from 10am to 11am for the award ceremony. Family and friends are welcome to attend.

You will be contacted if your work is shortlisted. If you are contacted, please make youself available to attend the award ceremony. Also note: the judges' decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

What are the 2020 deadlines?

  • Monday 2 March 2pm to 6pm - Entries close, submit art work at Randwick Community Centre
  • Saturday 7 March 10am to 11am - Award ceremony and morning tea at Randwick Community Centre
  • Friday 13 March 2pm to 6pm - Collect unselected artwork from Randwick Community Centre
  • Wednesday 29 April 2pm to 6pm - Collect selected artwork from Lionel Bowen Library Gallery

Check out some of the 2019 entries

Exhibition times 7 March to 28 April 2020

Randwick Community Centre

  • Saturday 7 March 10am to 1pm
  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 2pm to 4pm
  • Thursday 12 March 4pm to 6pm

Lionel Bowen Library Gallery

  • Tuesday 17 March to Tuesday 28 April (closed Easter and Anzac Day)
  • Monday to Friday 10am to 9pm
  • Saturday 9.30am to 4pm
  • Sunday 12pm to 4pm

2019 Prize Winners

20 years and over category

First Prize - Jodie Clarke for Coy. The judges said this is a strong and arresting work that uses unusual mark making techniques and colour with a powerful central figure that challenges feminine ideals and stereotypes and draws on the pin-up photographic image.

Second Prize - Terry Lavis for Coogee Sentinels. The judges said this is an accomplished seascape painting with powerful colours and contrasting shapes, textures and light.

Third Prize - Heather Egan for Yin and Yang. The judges said this is a mysterious small work that draws in the viewer with narrative elements that are not easily interpreted – technically impressive.

12 to 19 years category

First Prize - Venus Lacoste for In my room. The judges said this work is intimate and immediate capturing a personal space that is well known to the artist and showing a confident use of line.

Second Prize - Loran Puyat for Everything must go. The judges said this is a slick and attractive graphic behind which lie interesting questions about objectification and commodification of women.

Third Prize - Jessica Scandurra for Portrait of a mother. The judges said this is a skilful digital drawing of a mother that draws connection to “Mother Nature”

Councillor’s Commendation

Councillors Commendation - Olivia Leung for Please… Councillors Neilson and Shurey found this to be a powerful and arresting image with a strong political message showing emerging skills as a painter.

Council would like to sincerely thank the two judges for 2019:

  • Anie Nheu, is an accomplished artist and AIRspace Projects Inc. committee member; and
  • Kirsten Mattson, has more than 20 years experience working in the arts including the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Smithsonian Institution and Philadelphia Museum of Art.

2018 Prize Winners

12 to 19 years category

First Prize -  Family Circle by Kayla Bennett - The Judges said that this is a subtle and highly accomplished painting. The artist skilfully uses a restrained colour palette and an asymmetric formal composition to reflect on her cultural heritage.

Second Prize - Amy dreaming by Amy Lynch - The Judges comments were that this is a highly thoughtful and sensitive drawing rendered with a skilful contrast of detail and negative space.

Third Prize - Abstraction of Scale by Venus Lacoste - The Judges said that this is a complex and beautiful work that demonstrates a clear understanding of harmony and use of colour in its design.

20 years and over category

First Prize - West MacDonnell Ranges by Christina Rofe - The palette of this painting captures the ever-changing colours of the West MacDonnell Ranges and the semi-abstracted execution reflects the essence of this dynamic and sometimes overwhelming landscape. The innovation of this painting is its vertical composition which allows the artist to visually describe both the details of the foreground vegetation and sublimity of the distant ranges.

Second Prize - Aussie backyard in summer by Jeanette Glass - Judges comments were, this collage beautifully encapsulates the casual, carefree and happy haven that is the suburban backyard in summer. The artist has cleverly combined photography and paint, ink and textiles to evoke a domestic scene that embodies the Australian vernacular.

Third Prize - Self-portrait by Melinda Hayton - The Judges said this painting is a self-portrait within a self-portrait of the artist’s home and working life that seamlessly blends references to art history and art making. Symbolism is thoughtfully applied; the portrait’s subject gazes outward flanked by a symbol of mortality on one side and a sleeping dog on the other.

Councillors Commendation - A piece of my imagination by Samantha Alvarez - We felt that this portrait cleverly uses back lighting to create a pensive expression which leads the eye down the cascade of fish and back up to the face of the young girl. We were left wondering, ‘what was she thinking?

2017 Prize Winners

12 to 19 years category

First Prize  - Casey O’Regan for Caitlin. The Judge felt that this painting demonstrates remarkable skill in handling the brush and the medium of oil paint. It is a slightly unsettling image as the viewer has no choice but to engage directly with the subject of the painting who seems to have a story to tell. The artist skilfully leaves the story making to the audience.

2017 Woman's Art prize winner 1st 12-19Second Prize - Heritage by Alyssa Silva Judge’s comments were, A beautiful painting made complex through a refined system of mark making. The composition is interesting because it crops the subject as camera would, yet, at the same time, it highlights important traditions

2017 Woman's Art Prize 2nd 12-19Third Prize - Respect by Adena Sheps The judge said, “This new media work captures the spirit of International Women’s Day. The graphics are reminiscent of the 1960s-70s when the second wave of feminism emerged creating a lively link between then and now. It’s gutsy and we need more of this.

2017 Women's Art Prize winner 3rd 12-19

20 years and over category

2017 Woman's Art Prize 1st 20 plus

First Prize - Winter at Wylie's Pool by Sandra Routh. This work shows excellent observations of perspective and the interaction of light, shadow and colour. Interesting because it is an observational work with hints of geometric abstraction. It seems to hold ’new world’ promise in much the same way as is found in the work of ‘David Hockney’.

Second Prize - Nerium by Yuko Takeshita  Judge’s comments were, A small painting abstracted by being painted on the bask of Masonite. Gentle in both execution and form. It captures those peaceful spaces still to be found in Sydney.

2017 Women's Art Prize 2nd 20 plus

Third Prize - Relief by Alexandra Russell-Floyd The judge said, this work is an adventurous excursion beyond the conventional ‘rectangle or square’ format. The work locates itself in an interesting space between painting, clothing and the body. It’s a little bit rebellious which is very fitting for International Women’s Day.

2017 Woman's Art Prize winner 3rd 20 plus

Councillor's Commendation

Birdsong by Anne Ring We felt that this was a charming photograph.

2017 Women's Art Prize Coucillor Commendation

2016 Prize Winners

20 years and over category

First Prize - Coastal Vista by Jan Cook The judges said this was a quiet and sensitive response to the landscape and showed great control of the medium.

1st Prize over 20

Second Prize - Green Man by Lyn Campbell The judges said this was a well executed and composed mosaic showing creative flair.

Third Prize - Litchfield Swimming Hole by Betty Rovner The judges said this was an interesting contemporary response to landscape painting with hyperreal touches.

12 to 19 years category

First Prize - Marrow Graves by Yasmin Carter The judges said this was as engagingly complex and well balanced investigation of new media.

1st Prize 2016 WAP 12-19

Second Prize - Aspite by Jasmine Trindall The judges said this was a great use of Space and symbolic imagery.

Third Prize - Reach for the Sky by Pia Michalandos The judges said this was a dynamic and surprising composition.

Special Award - Desire by Eliza Graaf The judges said this was materially engaging and an interesting visual critique of identity

Councillor's Commendation

Malala By Matraville High School Councillor Shurey and Neilson felt that this was an interesting and complex work which speaks to young women in particular and is highly appropriate for International Womens Day. This work is a collaboration made by students at Matraville Sports High School.

Councillor Award winner 2016

Congratulations to all our winners! Randwick City Council would like to sincerely thank the two judges for 2016 - Sylvia Ross from the UNSW and Sally Clarke, Artist and Manager of Air Space Projects.

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