Seniors' computer classes

Computer Classes for Seniors

Ranging from one-on-one sessions to small, interactive classes, our computer classes will have you surfing the web, using email and getting the most out of your mobile phone in no time. For fees and charges, please refer to this page.

Randwick City Library offers a variety of programs that can help with your own computer and technical problems:

To view events scheduled this half of the year, download the TECHconnect Class Calendar.

TECHconnect Basics Series

Randwick City Library offers a variety of basic programs that can help with gaining a better understanding of computers and how to make the most of them. Our TECHconnect Basics Series covers three main areas:

  • Getting started with computers
  • Introduction to the Internet
  • Introduction to the keyboard
  • Introduction to Email
  • Drop in question time

TECHconnect Basics Series details:

Basics One - Getting started with computers

Basics of how to operate a computer, including using a mouse and conquering the keyboard.

Basics Two - Introduction to the Internet

An introduction to the internet, including how to find your way around websites.


Completion of Basics One: Getting started with computers (or equivalent skill with mouse and keyboard)

Basics Three - Introduction to the keyboard 

Learn the necessary keys for basic typing. Discover how to type capital letters, insert and delete words, create new lines and much more.


Completion of Basics One and Two.

Basics Four - Introduction to Email  

How email works, opening, reading and replying to emails and more.


  • Completion of Basics One, Two and Three (or equivalent skill level)
  • You must have an email address and know your password. Don't have an email address? Ask in the library about arranging a one-on-one session with a volunteer tutor to assist you in setting up an email account.

Drop in Question Time

Come along with your basic questions for computers, tablets and phones.

TECHconnect Online Series

TECHconnect Online is a suite of hands-on workshops aimed at those who understand how to use a computer and want to use it to connect with family and friends. Many of these sessions have been provided through a Telstra Tech Savvy grant.

Sessions include:

  • Facebook
  • Introduction to Tablets: Android
  • Introduction to Tablets: iPad 1 & 2
  • Introduction to iPhone


Learn how to set up a Facebook page, invite friends, search for friends, post a comment, write a message and upload a photo. This session will also look at how to adjust your privacy settings.

Introduction to Tablets: Android

Learn the basics of navigating around your Android tablet in this small class of 6 students. This hands-on workshop is for Android tablet owners only. You must bring your own Android tablet to the session.

Introduction to Tablets: iPad 1 & 2

Learn the basics of navigating around your iPad in this small class of 6 students. This hands-on workshop is for
iPad owners only. Students must bring along their own iPad.

Introduction to iPhone

Phones used to be all about making calls, but now your mobile can do so much more. The range of new
touchscreen smartphones allows you to access the internet, use social media, get live news updates, play music and video, and much more.

TECHconnect One on One

Need help in working your own technology? Our free TECHconnect sessions will have you Googling, texting and surfing the web in no time.

Randwick City Library offers free one-on-one assistance with a volunteer tutor at both Lionel Bowen and Margaret Martin Libraries.These one hour sessions are booked for a mutually convenient time and date.

TECHconnect in other languages

Regular monthly sessions for seniors who speak Cantonese and Mandarin are held at Lionel Bowen Library. Go to the Multicultural Activities page for more information.

Talking Tech

Want to know more about social media? Don't know how to store your holiday photos? Delivered monthly, Talking Tech provides participants with a more detailed overview of specific, special interest topics; each one-hour seminar is led by one of our tech experts. Recent topics covered include Instagram, Google Maps, and Cloud storing and sharing your photos online.

To view upcoming events, view our Events Calendar.

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