All about play

Randwick City Library runs regular Play Workshops facilitated by Early Childhood Educators to provide parents and caregivers with valuable information about play, child development and choosing suitable toys and activities for your child.

At each workshop we showcase age-appropriate toys available for loan from our Toy & Game Library.

Why is Play Important?

"Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning" – Diane Ackerman

From infancy, play is how children navigate the world. Through play, children learn, explore, experiment and develop cognitively, physically, emotionally and socially. Play allows children to learn about themselves and their environment, and to nurture relationships with the people around them. Play is important to healthy brain development and builds imagination, creativity and self-esteem. Above all, play is a special part of childhood wonder and joy.


  • Children enjoy spending time with their parents and caregivers and can benefit from an active adult role in their play. Get involved and have fun together!
  • Talk to your child as they play- ask them open-ended questions and talk about the actions they are undertaking. This builds early literacy development and is a great bonding experience
  • Playing alone can also foster your child's independence and self- awareness
  • Play is children's work, and toys are their 'tools of the trade'. Playing with toys helps children to develop problem-solving skills and process their own learning
  • Let your child explore toys in their own way...what will they discover?
  • Always read toy labels, check for safety warnings and manufacturer recommendations
  • Playing with toys from your child's earlier years is great! Revisiting these toys can build confidence and self-esteem. Not every toy has to be a challenge, and earlier toys can offer new experiences as children grow
  • Remember, play continues to be important all throughout school
  • Don't worry about making any play experience 'perfect'
  • There may be times when your child simply doesn’t want to play. This is normal and usually nothing to worry about
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