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Children's reading resources

Randwick City Library has a wonderful range of resources for children of all ages. We are also committed to running events designed to promote and enhance literacy learning and development − with an emphasis on fun, of course!

Our children's collection is packed with gorgeous picture books (we call them easies), fabulously factual picture books (we call them first facts), as well as a range of junior fiction, non-fiction, spoken word, readers, magazineslaunchpads, music, DVDs, Spark! discovery kits and theme kits too.

Reading offers children (and grown-ups) the opportunity to enjoy a rich inner world as the stories we hear − and the stories we tell − help us to make sense of our world and encourage us to use our imaginations. But don't just take it from us: enjoy some book reviews penned by some of our talented junior Randwick City Library patrons - look for Children's Book Reviews below. And find out all about our fabulous children's book clubs.

Children's Book Clubs

Undercover Book Club for kids in school years K-2

Come along to hear great new stories, chat about what you're reading, make cool stuff and be the first to borrow our hottest new books! Choose from two locations most convenient to you: Lionel Bowen Library, Maroubra or Margaret Martin Library, Randwick.

When: This free book club is held monthly. We meet between 4pm - 4:45pm on the second Monday of the month at Lionel Bowen Library, Maroubra, or on the second Tuesday of the month at Margaret Martin Library, Randwick.

Bookings: Bookings are essential via Eventbrite. For specific dates or to make a booking, please click on the links below:

Totally Random Book Club for kids in school years 3-6

Come along and find out about the hottest new books and series being released. Each month we'll feature a new book and as a member you'll have exclusive access to our new books! Choose from two locations most convenient to you: Lionel Bowen Library, Maroubra or Margaret Martin Library, Randwick.

When: This free book club is held monthly. We meet between 4pm - 4:45pm on the third Monday of the month at Lionel Bowen Library, Maroubra, or on the third Tuesday of the month at Margaret Martin Library, Randwick.

Bookings: Bookings are essential via Eventbrite. For specific dates or to make a booking, please click on the links below:

Premier's Reading Challenge

The Challenge aims to encourage a love of reading for leisure and pleasure in students, and to enable them to experience quality literature. It is not a competition but a challenge to each student to read, to read more and to read more widely

Premier’s Reading Challenge K-2 Search the catalogue here

Summer Reading Club 2020-21

Book Reviews - reviewers aged 5-9

Chudesa vs Dedmorozovka

by Andrei Usachëv Click here to place a hold

There is a magical village on the Russia's north, it is named Dedmorozovka. The people in this village are not the ordinary humans - they are magical snow boys and snow girls who study, play and discover the world around them.

Cats, dogs, birds and other animals speak and play with snowmen. The ordinary day in the village is full of joy and unusual activities.

Review by Sophia L, aged 7

D is for Duck!

by David Melling Click here to place a hold

I like this book because the Duck keeps on making animals and it is funny at the end of the story. I also like the illustration. It has nice bright colours.

Review by Olivia K, aged 6


by Tania Zamorsky Click here to place a hold

I like the book Dracula because the book keeps getting more interesting as there always is a new problem with Dracula and the people he turns into vampires. I also like that Dracula is a classic book with a different way of writing than the kind of books I normally read.

Review by Owen K, aged 9

Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Kit)

Review by James S, aged 8

Great Irish Legends for Children

by Yvonne Carroll Click here to place a hold

I chose this book because it is very interesting and has a moral for each story it tells. Also, I never thought that legends would be so entertaining and smart. I used to think that legends were like fairy tales but now I don't think this way after I read this book. I also chose this book because I like reading about different stories coming from other countries. I hope you will enjoy reading this book!

Review by Kathryn J, aged 9

H.G. Wells' War of The Worlds (Graphic Novel)

by Ian Edginton & D'Isreali Click here to place a hold

War of the Worlds is a graphic novel about a Martian war. It is a science fiction graphic novel.

The Martians try to invade planet earth.

They arrive in a giant spaceship shaped like a cylinder with a cone on top.

The aliens look like a squashed head with no body, a weird beak, and they look like they have worms coming out of the bottom of them. They have a weird thing that looks like a ball in a bowl in a bowl on top of their heads. They are pink.

They have a heat weapon that makes everything catch on fire. They ride in walking robots with tentacles and a poisonous gas cannon. The robots also have the heat weapon on it. They built flying ships to travel around and a huge building.

The humans fight back using cannons because that is the only effective weapon they know. In the end humans discover that all they need to do to kill the aliens is to sneeze on them. The aliens die from any infection because they have no experience of diseases from earth (that is the reason humans only need to sneeze on them).

I loved this book because it was exciting. The humans didn't find the solution straight away because they were too busy fighting the aliens. It was cool when they found an easy way to defeat them. This book might be a bit scary for some kids because there is some violence.

I think it should be rated PG if there was a movie.

I recommend this book for people 7 and above. If you like science fiction and graphic novels, you will love this book.

Review by Serge N, aged 7

How to Hug with Hugless Douglas

by David Melling Click here to place a hold

This book was about a hugging competition. Hugless Douglass can hug! He teaches his friends how to hug. They hug in different ways. The bunnies jump while they hug. Hugless Douglass likes to hug. Hugless Douglass is the happiest hugger. He gets a prize. His prize is a big best friend hug.

I like this book because it's about a hugging competition. It made me happy. I think other kids would like this book.

Review by Iris Nguyen N, aged 5

Island Adventure

by Ellen Philpott Click here to place a hold

Review by Olivia S, aged 5

The Kree-Skrull War

by Thomas Macri Click here to place a hold

The Avengers core team included Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Ant-man and Wasp. Vision, Quicksiver, Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye were the other team of Avengers.

They tried to save their friend Captain Mar-Vell who was a Kree alien. The Skrulls changed their way to look as the core team and sent Vision's team away. When the core team found out that the Vision's team was in danger in Skrulls, they gathered the information and saved the Vision's team. Both teams fought against the Kree and Skrulls. The Earth was safe for the Avengers once more. And the Avengers had once again made the universe safe for the people of Earth.

I pretty like Captain America because when he knew that Vision's team was trapped, he fought the aliens and saved his friends.

Reviewed by Judy C, aged 7

Querzol, the Swamp Monster

by Adam Blade Click here to place a hold

I recommend this book because it is about a walking, man-eating tree. It also has exciting adventures. This beast quest is deadly.

Review by Jonah B, aged 7

Unicorn Magic Glitterhoof's Secret Garden

by Daisy Meadows Click here to place a hold

I chose this book to write about because it was written by my favourite author Daisy Meadows. I also like this book because it is very creative, I believe in magic and I love unicorns and fantasy. The book is about the friendship between two girls and unicorns in a world full of magic. Can the girls and their new unicorn friends find a way to save the kingdom? I hope you will enjoy reading this book as much as me.

Review by Margaret J, aged 8

Book Reviews - reviewers aged 10-12

Ancient Greek Myths and Legends

by Philip Ardagh Click here to place a hold

Review by Annie S, aged 10

Creative Magic

by Jon Tremaine Click here to place a hold

"Magical Book, Magical Book, why should we pick this book?"
"Because it is a magical book!” says the Magical Book.

Turn into a wizard with this magic book. With this book you can learn magic, like how to make things appear and disappear. But these are tricks, not magic. There are some simple ones and some harder ones. You need to be pretty fast at putting a coin somewhere without people seeing it. You need to practice to become a good magician!

"Magical Book, Magical Book, why should we pick this book?"
"Because it is a magical book!” says the Magical Book and then ... the book disappears…

Review by Kokaku N, aged 10

Dog Man Fetch-22

by Dav Pilkey Click here to place a hold

Dav Pilkey’s graphic novel Dog Man Fetch-22 is a wonderful story about a half dog, half man police officer, that protects the town from an evil cat and mind controlling tadpoles.

Dog Man helps Lil’ Petey from the 22 angry mind controlling tadpoles, while the evil grandpa cat tries to escape jail by tricking his son into taking his place. Evil cat grandpa switches identities with his son to get out of jail I like this book because it is comedic, silly and fun to read. The pictures are really nice and creative.

I would recommend this book to my friends and kids at the age of under 15. This book is a part of a series and I can’t wait to find out what happens to Dog Man next.
I rate this book five out of five.

Review by Ava M, aged 10

The Horse's Haiku

by Michael J. Rosen Click here to place a hold

I think that the horse’s haiku is a great book because it has a great story and the story is told in a series of haikus. Each page of the book has a haiku which is a poem that has 3 lines with 5 syllables in the first one, 7 syllables in the second one and 5 syllables in the last one.

The book is about a horse’s lives. The book has 3 parts the Field, the Barn and Under Saddle. In the barn the horse is with people and they are friends. I really like this book because I love horses and it shows horses in their lives. The pictures in the book are really detailed and pretty. The words have been written into haikus which is a type of poetry.

I rate this book five out of five.

Review by Abbey M, aged 11

MasterChef Junior Baking Book

Review by Kim D, aged 12

Million-Dollar Mess Down Under

by James Patterson Click here to place a hold

This Book is about an adventure with many problems and funny moments such as the turkeys that have rabies at the start. At the airport a man does a great prank. I also thought the bit where they put the frozen ants in the Principal trunks was hilarious.

I liked how the author added many problems such as the mural painting at the roller derby and how the bad character (Henry Tamworth-Blythe ) is very well described and you can really tell he is the meanest person in the book. I was really happy to see that the author James Patterson said at the end the characters got nothing out of the adventure of going to Australia but it sure was an adventure and then he tells you about the life after and it was pretty much the same as before.

I recommend this book to kids that love funny books.

Review by Sophia P, aged 11

Minecrafter 2.0

by Joe Funk Click here to place a hold

Review by Totoro N, aged 12


by Jessica Townsend Click here to place a hold

Nevermoor was a fun exciting book full of twists and turns. This story was about the trials of Morrigan crow and if she passed the trials, she could stay in Nevermoor.

Review by Mia P, aged 9

Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods

by Rick Riordan Click here to place a hold

Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods is a book written by Rick Riordan. It was a very entertaining read, set in the perspective of Percy Jackson which made it all the more funny since I have read some of his other titles and understood the references. This book teaches the ancient myths while keeping out most of the gore, so in my opinion it is suitable for all ages.

Review by Jasmine T, aged 12

The Serpent's Shadow

by Rick Riordan Click here to place a hold

The Serpent's Shadow is the last book in the Kane chronicles trio, written by Rick Riordan. This book is a great end to the series, wrapping things up in a way that doesn't seem at all rushed.

The main characters are:

  • Sadie: Carter's younger sister who has fair skin, blue eyes and caramel hair that she usually has bright coloured streaks dyed in.
  • Carter: Sadie's older brother. He's an African American teenager with brown hair and brown eyes.
  • Apophis: Evil, malicious and cunning, he exists for no other reason than to spread destruction and chaos.

Also, did I mention that he's a giant cobra?

In this book, Sadie and Carter must save the world by trapping Apophis and find a cure to Walt's sickness. They originally plan on pushing Apophis deep into the Duat so he will take at least a few million years to resurface but, Horus visits Carter and hints at a connection between shadows and statues which leaves Carter suspecting that there is a better way to execrate Apophis. I found this book engaging and fun to read.

I really like the way Riordan uses humour to keep the "mood" of the story light so younger kids can read it. I recommend this to kids 9 (if a strong reader) and above.

I rate it 5/5 stars.

Review by Carina L, aged 11

Venus Rocks

by Fiona Dunbar Click here to place a hold

The Book "Venus Rocks" is about a girl called Kitty who has 'phantorama' which means she can see ghosts. Kitty sees a ghost ship in the harbour called 'Venus'. About 300 years ago it sailed over to Cornwall. It sunk on its way very close to its destination. No one has ever found the wreck or its treasures. The whole crew died and only one survived, a girl named Beth Terwin.

Kitty now meets Beth Terwin's ghost and often has dreams about Beth's life. She learns that Beth can't go to the place of all the ghosts and join her boyfriend Jed because Captain Quaid, the captain of the Venus, has put a spell on her. During the course of the book Kitty finds the Captain's treasure and helps Beth find the place of the ghosts. Beth can finally get back to her boyfriend Jed and with the help of a team Kitty lifts the treasure from the bottom of the ocean.

Review by Lara K, aged 10

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