MADE: Draw, Make, Imagine

May - June 2018

'MADE' was a short 8 week program held at the Lionel Bowen Library in Maroubra, which focused on expressing yourself through drawing. The Program didn’t focus on products or end results but on the process of making itself and how we relate to the act of being in the moment making as an expression of reality.

The participants are encouraged to ‘let go in activity’, to 'be in the flow’, as in the very moment of making, without thinking too much. One point, or one line drawn, might be already ‘enough’, as so many artworks, historical and contemporary, have well proven.

The program involves four unique areas of focus: Earth, sky, activity between the earth and sky and the process of expression.

The exhibition ‘MADE’ is a truly engaging interactive moment between the makers and the community.

Participants - Barbara B., Christopher R., Jacqueline L., Janice Y., Kristina G., Leanne H., Louise R., Marlene F., Mary Y., Merrilie S., Pearl S., Phillip E., Reto O.

Curator: Jane Moffat

Graphic Design: Sandy Lange

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