Urban Walkabout Exhibition

14 May -11 July 2021

This exhibition explores what it means to be fully present in one’s local environment.

This rich collection of oil and acrylics paintings celebrates the diverse environment of Randwick City from high-density areas to the open coastal rocky platforms and the intermittent swamp lands in between. Guided by her small furry companion, Marie captures the seasonal changes she gathers along her daily urban walkabouts. Each walkabout becomes like a catch up with an old friend. Marie hopes each person that comes to view this exhibition will feel the same sense of belonging and presence from her works.

Marie Dalliston is a Sydney-based artist who creates works based on the emotional attachments she makes with features of the natural indigenous world of flora and fauna. What begins as an ambiguous attachment is fed by continuing curiosity.  Marie uses her curiosity in her art to communicate environmental appreciation through pleasing compositions of form, patterns and rich jewel-like hues.

After many years working in the family business Marie became a full-time artist and never looked back. Her artworks have been exhibited in over ten different fine art education programs and 16 group shows. She has also held five of her own exhibitions and accumulated multiple awards.

Marie’s studio is based in Coogee, perched high in a sanctuary garden. It is a peaceful meditative space that she returns to from her daily walkabouts.

For contact details and more information please visit www.mariedalliston.com

Curated by Randwick City Library and Marie Dalliston

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