Unseen Exhibition

UNSEEN began as a collaboration between Blur Projects and the Women’s Electoral Lobby NSW, which gives voice to the faces behind the statistics of women’s homelessness. Since 2000, Blur Projects has conceptualised, produced and presented high quality socio-cultural engaging multimedia projects for national and international audiences, which focus on the topics of sexuality, disability, identity and violence. Blur Projects’ collaborations with individuals, governments and organisations have created a focal point for conversations which support social change in venues ranging in size from suburban community centres to the United Nations in Geneva and New York.

UNSEEN focuses on women and their diverse experiences of homelessness. The visibility of women experiencing homelessness in our community is hidden as a result of linked factors including the historical association of homelessness with older alcoholic men; the need of women experiencing homelessness to avoid stigma and maintain a sense of independence; fear and concern for safety; and an expectation that service contact will not satisfactorily resolve their situation. Often this is done to protect their pride and themselves from further discriminatory treatment. As a result, while some women do approach homeless support services, many stay under the radar and have little or no involvement with services. Unless the women who have or who are experiencing homelessness have the opportunity to stand up and speak out, the community cannot be afforded the opportunity to understand the nature and scale of this problem. Removing this barrier is the objective of the UNSEEN multi-media project.

This exhibition is open during library opening hours from 7 May - 28 June 2022.

Curator:  Blur Projects. Originally, UNSEEN was supported by the City of Sydney the Women’s Electoral Lobby and Blur Projects.
Photograph of Chrome Car Participants by Belinda Mason 2021

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