Silent Tears

4 November 2017 - 29 December 2017

Silent Tears is a multimedia traveling exhibition that reveals the lived experience of women with disability who are subjected to violence and women who acquired disability as a result of violence.

"The power of this exhibition, lies in the hands of those who participate it, women with disability who experienced violence and women who have acquired disability as a result of violence." - Dieter Knierim

"If resilience is a measure of how quickly we bounce back, I could be an Olympic trampoline. So this is just how it is, I shrug it off, I'll feel less sore soon. I'll tell my loved ones who are frustrated about the pain I experience and I know that I'll have days when I am sore, but I will always say that there is light outside the darkness. I've come to accept it, but I think that it can be tiring having to prove why I look the way I do." - Carly FIndlay

"Visible disability causes us to be devalued by the community. Invisible disability, such as mental illness, adds a further layer of misunderstanding." - Graeme Inness AM Former Disability Discrimination Commissioner

Curator: Frida Kitas

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