Artists' Books & Zines

Artists' Books and Zines Exhibition: March – April 2013

Bowen Library was lucky enough to secure a travelling exhibition of Artists' books and zines from Manly Library, which began the collection in 2011 with a grant from the Library Council of New South Wales. Manly Library was the first public library in New South Wales to establish an Artists' Book collection.

Artists' Books incorporate tactile qualities, have texts that are to be read and need to be examined and inspected closely for construction techniques, the method of printing, binding and paper quality. Part of the pleasure is derived by the interaction with the real object.

The exhibition also showed part of the zine collection from Manly Library. A zine is short run periodicals which are produced by hand or computer and often appeal to the quirky or bizarre.

During the time of the exhibition, the library held a very successful zine making workshop with talented zine maker Vanessa Berry.

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