After Midnight The Face of Fifty Exhibition

Turning fifty marks a significant turning point in life for women. Living in a society obsessed with youth and beauty, many women fear ageism and invisibility as their looks fade while others feel bereft as their roles as nurturing mothers slip away. Along with coping with physical changes, the fifties become a time of reflection as women take stock of their achievements and accumulated wisdom. But life after fifty also becomes a time of liberation, illuminating a surprising new time of possibility, passion and self-discovery.  This series of photographs reveals the emotional landscape of women making this transition. The experience of each is individual, yet universal — as ageing happens to us all.

The images and personal stories of the women featured were the genesis of THE 50 BOOK: WOMEN CELEBRATE LIFE by Jennifer Blau which forms part of this exhibition. This popular hardback book examines fifty themes about life after fifty. Real women’s stories, expert insights and quotes from famous women make this an empowering book for women of all ages to share experiences and reimagine their future.

This exhibition is open during library opening hours from 05 October - 20 November 2022.

Share your experience of ageing after 50 and encourage other women to do the same. Tag @the50book and @randwickcitylibrary on Instagram and Facebook.

Curator: Jennifer Blau
: The Lightness of Being by Jennifer Blau

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