General Covid-Safe Terms and Conditions:

(These terms and conditions can change at any time without notice. Before attending an event, please make sure you are aware of the current Covid Safe terms and conditions of entry)

Updated May 2022

  • It is recommended to wear a mask if unable to maintain a 1.5 metre distance from others, however it is not mandatory. Read more about mask wearing requirements here
  • If you are over the age of 12 and are a household or close contactlaunch of someone who has tested positive to COVID-19, you must also wear a face mask when you are in an indoor setting that is not your own home, including workplaces and tertiary education settings. School settings may have their own guidance for students which should be followed. Read more about mask wearing requirements here
  • If you are feeling ill or exhibiting symptoms, you need to stay home. Do not attend an indoor or outdoor event.
  • Practising good hygiene is an expectation of all library members, visitors and event attendees (e.g. washing your hands regularly, coughing into your elbow, disinfecting surfaces you've touched, etc.)
  • 1.5 metre physical distancing is to be maintained at all times; please do not re position seats or mats unless you are with a family/household member. Please remain seated for the duration of the event as far as possible.
  • All library events delivered face-to-face are subject to change or postponement at short notice, according to the most current NSW Government public health orders.
  • Library members and visitors may be denied entry to or removed from the library or from library events for any failure to comply with the above terms and conditions.
  • More information and details regarding COVID-19 guidelines and Public Health Orders please visit
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