Order new FOGO caddy liners

Bulk delivery of FOGO caddy liners (FOGO bags) to all households in Randwick City will start during Mid November 2022 onwards and will take three weeks or so depending on the weather conditions. Please only use this form if you have not received your new liners by mid-December 2022 or urgently require them.

Caddy linersThank you for using the FOGO waste service. Did you know that FOGO reduces the amount of waste we send to landfill and reduces greenhouse gas emissions? Your actions are protecting our environment for future generations!

If you’ve run out of FOGO caddy liners (FOGO Bags) you’ve come to the right place.

Each pack of caddy liners contains 52 FOGO bin bags, which should last most households for three months. If you run out before that time and need a new pack of caddy liners you have two options.

  1. Order a pack online using the link below, or
  2. Call our Customer Service Centre on 9093 6000 or 1300 722 542.

How to order online

This link will take you to the form that allows you to order more caddy liners. The pack of liners will be delivered to your home. Please allow at least seven (7) working days for delivery.

Order new FOGO caddy liners

Last Updated: 7 November 2022
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