Sort it Out and RecycleSmart

Randwick Council encourages residents to Sort Out their rubbish and recycle. We often find waste items ending up in the wrong bin due to confusion about which bin they belong to.

To make it easier to recycle, we've now collaborated with RecycleSmart App to provide more information on these items. You can download the App and check out what and where to recycle.

Looking to recycle properly but don’t have time to visit our Randwick Recycle Centre?

Randwick City Council has partnered with RecycleSmart to help our community recycle from home using the RecycleSmart Power Pickup service. They collect your hard-to-recycle items from your doorstep and deliver them to our Randwick Recycle Centre at 72 Perry Street Matraville.

You can subscribe to a Free and recurring Power Pickup plan (up to 2 bags collected) or book a Power Pickup as often as needed for just $5 per bag (minimum 2 bags) through the RecycleSmart app or website. ( leave the bags at your door or under your letterbox).

Items being collected by RecycleSmart:

  • E-waste – small items such as old phones, charging cords, laptops, tablets, play-stations, kettles, toaster, iron, etc.
  • Soft Plastics - This includes any plastic that you can crunch up in your hand. For example, food packaging, plastic bags, bread plastic bags, bubble wrap etc.
  • Clothing - All wearable clothing, shoes, belts and handbags.
  • Misfits and Problem waste - This includes household batteries, polystyrene, fluoros, light globes, printer cartridges, x-ray films, smoke alarms etc.

or Book through the RecycleSmart App available on Google Play and the App Store

RecycleSmart App


Last Updated: 24 February 2023
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