Temporary food stalls

Register your food or drink stall with Council

To operate within the Randwick City Council area, food stalls and vendors are required to obtain the necessary approvals and be registered with Council.

To sell food, drinks or any articles in a public place (e.g. on a road, footpath, public park or reserve), temporary food stalls or drink vendors must have approval from Council under section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993. 

An application and registration form must be submitted to Council at least 14 days prior to the event or activity for consideration.

Food stalls or vendors operating on privately-owned land are also required to obtain any necessary approvals under the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979.

To register a temporary Food Premises, Stall or Vendor with Council, please download the registration form below and send it to us.

If the temporary stall or vendor is being provided as part of a community event or fete, its details must be incorporated into the Notice of Intent Public Open Space Casual Hire PDF, 609.1 KB application form for the whole event, activity, or function. For further details, please contact Councils Open Space Booking Officer on 9399 0539.

Prior to the issuing an approval for a temporary food stall , the applicant must demonstrate that the food stall and the operators of the food stall will satisfy the relevant food safety requirements and standards.

The written approval of Council must be obtained before installing or operating a food stall and Council's Environmental Health Officers may carry out an inspection of the food stall during operation, to ensure that the requirements are being met.

Applications for a temporary food stall are required to demonstrate compliance with the relevant provisions contained in the Food Act 2003, Food Regulation 2010, the Australian New Zealand Food Safety Standards 2001, and other relevant standards.

For more information please refer to the NSW Food Authority: Guidelines for food businesses at temporary events.

For detailed information about food safety, please refer to the information, standards and fact sheets provided by Food Standards Australia New Zealand and the NSW Food Authority.


Fees for the assessment of applications and the conducting inspections are determined by Council each year and are detailed in Council's Fees and Charges Pricing Policy.

Applications will only be considered for approval after payment of the approved fee. An inspection fee will be charged for any inspections of temporary food stalls during the operation of the activity.

Last Updated: 25 October 2022
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