Business Notification & registration

Registering your food premises with Council

All retail food premises are required to be registered with Council and are subject to routine food safety inspections. Details are also required to be updated with Council when a food business changes proprietor.

To register your food premises with Council, please download the registration form below, and send it into us.

There is no fee to register a permanent food business with Council. Council's Environmental Health Officers carry out inspections of food business at least on an annual basis, which are subject to an Inspection fee, in accordance with Council's Fees & Charges Pricing Policy.

Notification of food premises

In addition to registering with Council, all food businesses are also required, under the National Food Standards, to notify the appropriate enforcement agency of certain information associated with the operation of the business.

In NSW the appropriate enforcement agency is the NSW Food Authority.

Last Updated: 24 October 2022
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