Heffron Centre Project asbestos management

Keeping the community safe

Aerial view of the Heffron Centre site

The Heffron Centre construction commenced in September 2021 assigning ADCO Constructions as the principal contractor.

Remediation Works Plan and Data Gap Analysis has been reviewed by Council's Consultant, the Independent Environmental Auditor and as a result civil works have commenced on site. Over the coming months the community will see the Heffron Centre site evolve, with demolition substantially underway and major earthworks being undertaken by Council’s appointed Principal Contractor.

ADCO, as the Principal Contractor as defined by SafeWork NSW is responsible for the safe management and supervision of all works undertaken within and around the site, relating to the Heffron Centre project.

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As part of the earthworks occurring on-site, existing fill material including asbestos containing material will be encountered and managed through the process, meaning that the contractor will be implementing a suite of safe work requirements which will be evident to members of the community as they walk past the site. These measures will include, but not be limited to:

  • Exclusion zones across the site being established, with accredited specialist workers within these zones utilising Personal Protective Equipment and machinery being fitted with specialist filtration equipment;
  • Site wide dust suppression systems, including the use of large water carts/trucks and sprinkler systems;
  • Installation of temporary sheeting to mounds of fill material for protection;
  • Dust and asbestos monitors installed within the site and to the site boundaries.

All works are being conducted by accredited professionals, including SafeWork NSW Class A Licensed Contractors, as per the approved Remediation Action Plan, Remediation Works Plan and Construction Environmental Management Plan which have been prepared in accordance with the NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) Guidelines and reviewed by the appointed EPA-accredited Environmental Auditor.

Safety of the community and workforce is at the forefront of the Heffron Centre project. Council’s Team will be monitoring the works closely as they progress, with a SafeWork NSW Independent Safety Auditor appointed to monitor implementation of safety management measures put in place by ADCO, along with the specialist environmental oversight of the EPA-accredited Environmental Auditor.

Closure for Detailed Site Investigation

From September 2021 onward, the site is temporarily closed to the public while construction is on the way and expected to re-open late 2022.

Remediation works scheduled:

  • 6 October 2021 to 8 October 2021: Setup area in preparation for remediation. Complete additional 88 test pits as per comments from Auditor.
  • 11 October 2021: Inspection on site with Auditor
  • 12 October 2021: Commence remediation works (approximately 2 months work)

During remediation works no one will be able to enter the exclusion zone unless fully suited up with PPE, including a full face respiratory mask, and to be escorted by Ford Civil.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where did the asbestos come from?

The source of the ACM fragments is currently unknown.

Is it safe to travel around the site ?

All measures of exposure to airborne contaminated material have been put in place by ADCO Constructions, working closely along SafeWork NSW Independent Safety Auditor appointed to monitor implementation of safety management measures put in place by ADCO, along with the specialist environmental oversight of the EPA-accredited Environmental Auditor.

When will construction be completed?

Construction for Heffron Centre Centre is anticipated to be completed by late 2022

What is being done to keep the community informed?

A monthly report from principal contractor will be provided on council webpage to inform the residents and community of recent activity on site as it relates to airborne asbestos.

Next steps

Council will continue to inform the community of the recent progress of remediation during this time to completion of the remediation works.

Airborne asbestos fibre monitoring reports

Cessation of Asbestos Air Monitoring Letter PDF, 276.3 KB

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Contact information

Contact Randwick City Council for more information about the project.

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Last Updated: 24 October 2022
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