South Maroubra Beach amenities and carpark upgrade

Artists impression of the amenities building to be built in South Maroubra

As part of Council's continued effort to provide and maintain high-quality public spaces, Arthur Byrne Reserve (within the South Maroubra Beach area), is undergoing several upgrades to ensure the area can better serve the community. Council will be upgrading council infrastructure which includes but is not limited to construction of new amenities drainage, building, landscaping and other miscellaneous civil works. These works are scheduled to commence on the 10th of October 2022.

The upgrades to the area will take place in two stages. With stage 1 complete, the formalisation of an existing overflow car park area to the south of the reserve and provision of additional parking on Bernie Kelly Drive. The second stage is ready commence construction in providing the new amenities facility for the reserve.

Key features of the upgrade

  • Male and female amenities (including unisex accessible amenities and baby change facilities)
  • A communal wash basin area easily identifiable within the park
  • Cleaner's storeroom
  • Accessible paths and landscaped areas
  • Accessible parking
  • Natural ventilation

Stage 2 -  Amenities Building

  • Commencement: 10th October 2022
  • Completion: Mid August 2023 (Weather permitting)


The construction site will include site remediation, landscaping, accessible toilets, driveway, filtration tank and showers.  Temporary traffic calming devices will be implemented when required during the course of construction for the safety of the community and contractors. Noise, erosion and dust controls will be used to mitigate any adverse impacts on the surrounding community and environment.

Airborne asbestos monitoring reports

The site of the new amenities and storage building shown here.

For any further information, please contact:

Wassim Hawat
Phone: (02) 02 9093 6766

Last Updated: 23 December 2022
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