Ocean Pool Restoration Program

Three ocean pools next in line for upgrade after success at Wylie's Baths pool coping restoration

Mahon pool swimmers ready to dive in


Randwick Council is home to some of Sydney’s most beautiful ocean pools. Maintaining these pools is part of our commitment to the community. Not only are our ocean pools very popular, but they are constantly battered by the large swell, severe storms and high winds. Four of our pools – Wylie’s Baths, Mahon Pool (shown above), Malabar Ocean Pool and Ross Jones Pool – were identified as needing restoration work around the outer edge of the pool, known as the coping. A grant of $300,000 has been provided by the federal government for this project.

Further research

In 2019, after coping restoration at Malabar didn’t meet expectations, Council consulted further experts in the field and researched new cementing products. A product called Cement-All was used when coping was redone at Wylie’s Baths, and the end result is of excellent condition, even more than a year later. This product will now be applied at Malabar, Mahon and Ross Jones Pools to upgrade and renew the coping. In addition, minor civil works will be done at each pool.

Antoun Civil is a sole supplier of the Cement All product, which has been used in marine environments and worked successfully. Cement All is a highly engineered cementitious grout product that can be applied from feather edge to as much as 100mm thick in single passes. Cement All is also a rapid set product, enabling its application to set within one-hour, prior to tides retuning and compromising the bond to the substrate or the curing of the product.

This product has also been used for over 20 years of marine applications in the USA without issue or degradation.

Scope of works

The work at each pool will be slightly different. All will involve site establishment, cleaning, repair and application of coping material. Additional minor civil works at each pool include:

  • Malabar Pool - preparation of pit grates, jetting of pump system,  removal of loose materials.
  • Mahon Pool - remove existing hand rail, preparation and installation of new timber posts, removal of existing hand rail and installation of new hand rails, grout repair, removal of loose materials.
  • Ross Jones Pool -  preparation of top of columns and grouting of columns.


The timeline for work is for below. Keep in mind weather, swell and COVID restrictions can impact schedules. During this time, other minor civil works will take place in and around the pools, too. Ocean pools will be closed while the work takes place.

Please note that these dates have been updated and may continue to change based on weather or other unpreventable issues.

  • Malabar Pool
    Pool will be closed on 20/12/2022 - 22/12/2022 for maintenance work
  • Mahon Pool
  • Ross Jones Pool

For any further information, please contact:

Zaman Shamsuz
Environmental Engineer/Project Manager
Email: Zaman.shamsuz@randwick.nsw.gov.au
Phone: (02) 9093 6000

Last Updated: 20 December 2022
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