La Perouse Museum Upgrade

La Perouse MuseumPreserving our stories and connecting to the future

The La Perouse Museum is an important part of our cultural lives and critical to preserving the stories of the past and making connections to the future. Housed in a unique heritage building at the La Perouse headland in the south of our city, the La Perouse Museum documents the expedition of French explorer the Comte de Laperouse. The Museum also features displays on the Aboriginal stories of La Perouse, and social, science and environmental histories.

Community Consultation

Randwick City Council is planning an upgrade for the La Perouse Museum.

In August and September 2019 we invited the community to share your ideas and aspirations for the kind of experience you would like to have at the museum. The community were invited to complete a survey and/or attend two workshops hosted at the museum. Council is now considering the community's feedback and developing ideas for the upgrade.

The upgrade plans will be on public exhibition in 2020.

For alerts and updates about the Museum and consultation, you can register for updates.

Inside the La Perouse MuseumAbout the La Perouse Museum

Over 27,000 people have visited the La Perouse Museum since Randwick City Council took over management from the National Parks and Wildlife Service in October 2017. Since this date, Council has:

  • Increased opening hours to four days a week (Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun)
  • Appointed a curator to manage the Museum and its collection
  • Opened a coffee cart onsite
  • Maintained free entry
  • Undertaken preliminary repair and maintenance work
  • Consulted with the community about the Our Community Our Future plan to fund upgrade works at the Museum over the coming years, and
  • Commenced initial planning for a long-term masterplan.

According to La Perouse Museum curator Roxanne Fea:

"Over the past year and a half, the La Perouse Museum has held successful exhibitions, including on the Aboriginal Art of La Perouse (working in partnership with the local Land Council), a community show capturing the memories of the region's social history, and a reconciliation show featuring the work of Sydney school students. Over 30 workshops, lectures and events have also been held; all of which have quickly sold out!

The response from the community, national and international audiences has been highly engaged and enthusiastic; and the Museum in its current unchanged state is already highly valued as a cultural community hub, a social and cultural venue and a focal point of identity and community pride.

Upcoming exhibitions include a celebration of French heritage, and a look at the Depression in this (then) isolated region."

La Perouse Museum Curator Roxanne Fea

Enjoy a coffee at the La Perouse Museum.

An exhibition about the Snake Man of La Perouse

Last Updated: 2 October 2020
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