Blenheim House Cultural Facility

Supporting local artists at 17 Blenheim Street, Randwick

Blenheim House Cultural Facility artist impression

Project snapshot

  • Project summary: New cultural facility, artist studios, exhibition space and small public park.
  • Status: In design development. Development Application due to be lodged late 2021 / early 2022.
  • Location: 17 Blenheim Street, Randwick
  • Funding: Randwick City Council
  • Contact officer: Katie Anderson, 1300 722 542 or


Randwick City Council is proposing a new cultural facility to support local artists in our City. Increasing the number of places that are available for people to participate in art and culture is part of Randwick Council’s Arts and Culture Strategy.

The currently empty house will be refurbished and turned into a space for artists. It will be the first dedicated creative space for artists in Randwick City.  The conversion of Blenheim House to a cultural facility will maintain the social significance of the House for the community into the future.

17 Blenheim Street, RandwickBlenheim House has been identified as an under-utilised building that could be delivering more for our City. Located close to Randwick Town Centre and Randwick health and education precinct, the 1848 two-storey sandstone building was built on 1.6 hectares of land overlooking what is today Randwick Racecourse.

Over the years the property has decreased in land size as residential apartments have been built around the house. It is set back from the street and somewhat hidden from view behind a car port, fence and shrubs fronting Blenheim Street.  The property is now owned by Randwick City Council who purchased it in 1984 and for some years has been planning towards its refurbishment and restoration as an ongoing community asset.

Plan view Blenheim House Cultural Facility What's planned?

The refurbished building will deliver a multipurpose art and culture centre, providing four studios, including an accessible studio, as well as exhibition spaces. The facility will be used as a public space for community art exhibitions, film nights, plays and other cultural events. The proposed development will respect the features of the original building and will reconstruct original elements where possible.

There will be no substantial alterations to the external fabric of the dwelling or outbuilding. The sandstone walls, which contributes to the character of the building, will be retained. The proposed addition to the outbuilding will be respectful of the size and design of the existing building and will allow toilets (both accessible and ambulant) as well as an accessible studio to be built.

The majority of trees on the site will be retained and protected. Approximately 20 trees will remain onsite, while some trees of varying levels of maturity will be removed due to being an inappropriate species, having excessive root growth that is damaging the property, or deteriorating tree health. New native species that are compatible with the existing landscaping will be planted.

Plan view Blenheim House Cultural Facility Before and After

A new community park

The house sits back from the front of the block, providing the ideal area for a small community pocket park. Council will remove the driveway and fence so the front garden can be turned into a public outdoor park that can be enjoyed by all.

Hours of operation

Once completed, the studios will be offered through an Expression of Interest application program that will be open to local artists and will be available on a short-term to longer-term affordable lease basis. General operation of the premises will be four days per week, including weekends.

Three days per week the premises will operate from 10am to 4pm and one day per week the premises will operate from 10am to 6pm.

Special events will be held onsite approximately 15 times per year. These events may occur outside of the above hours. Adequate
notification of the events, as well as their start/finishing times, will be provided to neighbouring properties a minimum of one week before the event.

The four artists’ studios, which are intended to be used for artists or writers will be available to the artist seven days a week, 24-hours a day.



  • 2021 - Design plans being developed
  • Sat 18 December 2021 (10am-midday) - Drop in session at Blenheim House. Chat with Council staff and architects about the project and take a tour of the building.
  • 2022 - Development Application to be lodged for public exhibition
  • 2022/23 - Construction
Last Updated: 31 October 2022
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