Alternative Waste Treatment

Finding an alternative to landfill

With awareness of climate change and global warming growing, there are increasing pressures to improve resource recovery and reduce the amount of waste going into landfill. That's why Randwick City Council is developing a comprehensive Alternative Waste Treatment plan.

What is Alternative Waste Treatment?

Alternative Waste Treatment (AWT) refers to the various technologies used to convert waste into energy or other by-products.

Alternative Waste Treatment technologies

There are two core AWT technologies:

  • Non-thermal: Treatment of waste for production of compost and/or generation of gas without using heat. This process results in a diversion of 45%-70% of waste.
  • Thermal: Conversion of waste into solid fuel or gas for energy generation through heat treatment of waste. This process results in the diversion of 90%-100% of waste.

Through a combination of the two above technologies, it's possible to achieve up to 100% waste diversion.

Randwick City Council AWT Strategy

We're currently developing a resource recovery strategy that will provide direction on Alternative Waste Treatment options to help us meet the resource recovery target of 66% by 2014.

Last Updated: 24 October 2022
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