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F.H.I.T & Kick Start are currently unavailable

Each program will run for 5 weeks and you have unlimited access to the class of your choosing. If you have been looking for a little extra 'oomph' in your training this is it!
Info below;

F.H.I.T. (Functional High Intensity Training)

This program is target towards people with an intermediate to advance skill and fitness level who are up for a challenge. This program is for anyone who wants to build strength, aerobic fitness and master more complex movements using the different types of weight equipment, aerobic equipment and body weight drills. Classes run for 45 minutes in the functional training studio.

Kick Start Program

If you are looking to get started with exercise, looking to get back into it or are interested in progressing to our F.H.I.T. program this program is for you. This program focuses on correct use of gym equipment (resistance and aerobic) and how to correctly execute classic body weight exercises. Don’t be fooled by beginner to intermediate labelling, this program will still challenge you! Classes run for 55 minutes on the gym floor.

  • Program dates TBC
  • $TBC
  • Members only
  • Unlimited classes

For more information and bookings please email or call 9093 6350.

5.45am F.H.I.T   F.H.I.T   F.H.I.T  
6.00am  Kick
8.15am      Kick Start
9.30am F.H.I.T Kick
F.H.I.T Kick
6.30pm F.H.I.T Kick
F.H.I.T Kick
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