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Jenny Boss Nutrition at DRLC

  • Want to learn some skills to eat better for your health?
  • Concerned about weight gain and need to lose a few kilos?
  • Do you wonder whether your children are eating the right food for their age and stage?
  • Do you tear out your hair over fussy eaters?
  • Want to know what’s best to eat to promote fitness or build muscle?
  • Do you need to adopt a healthier lifestyle to reduce your risk of disease?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then a consultation with Jenny Boss, DRLC’s nutritionist, can help.

Jenny has a Masters Degree in Human Nutrition from Deakin University, with experience in promoting nutrition in the corporate sector along with a long history of journalism in health and nutrition.

Her interests are in promoting weight loss without strict dieting (yes, it’s possible!), adopting healthy eating patterns for life, and children’s and family nutrition that’s healthy, quick and affordable.

Jenny will be available for consultations at the Des Renford Leisure Centre, and you’ll also find her doing simple in-house cooking and nutrition demonstrations.

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