Get a Grip on Your Health This Year

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“Get a grip on your health”… sounds harsh, right?
It's not... it's about getting back into the swing of things!

Let's recap the last 2 years. Lockdowns, isolation, loss of social connections, loss of work/income, home schooling (hats off to all of you who did this 😊), increase in mental health related illness, stress, irritability, lack of sleep, etc.  The list goes on!

Throughout this time we were encouraged to stay at home, and didn't that bode well for food delivery services!  In 2021 Roy Morgan reported that meal delivery services such as Uber Eats, Menu Log, Door Dash and Deliveroo were 'supercharged' by the pandemic, with usage up by 3.9 million in 2019 after already having increased by 3.3 million in 2018. This means a large majority of us (over) indulged in the delivery of fast foods and alcohol, all of which contain high levels of calories, fats and sodium.

It is also estimated that during the lockdowns we lost on average two thirds of our daily step count. Think about not walking from the train station, not walking to the photocopier, to another department within your office, to get lunch, etc... it all adds up.

In short, combine an increased consumption of calories with decreased physical activity and here we are, all wearing 'COVID kilos'!

Hopefully lockdowns are a thing of the past and this is our new 'normal', so isn't now the perfect time to stop stagnating and focus on moving and improving your health?

Exercising has many benefits including decreasing risk of disease, strengthening your body, strengthening your mind, reducing risk of injury, losing weight (if you wish), decreasing anxiety and depression, increasing your mood and self esteem.

We're not here suggesting you need to be running marathons, lifting Olympic level weights or swinging through the ninja warrior monkey bars (but we do have those 😃)... a Pilates class, Cycle class or having a gym program designed for you may be more your style.

Whatever it may be, we have experienced trainers that are ready to help, guide and inspire you.

Tips for beginning to exercise:

Remember, any progress is better than no progress at all.

If you would like more information about getting started drop by the centre or email us.

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