Exciting Changes - 19 October!

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We have great news!

From Monday 19 October there will be some exciting changes at DRLC to make your experience even better!


Gym capacity is increasing to 75 people...and better still, NO BOOKINGS ARE REQUIRED!

Yes, you read that right! The Gym will be closed for cleaning Monday to Friday from 3pm - 3:30pm and Saturday/Sunday 1pm - 1:30pm... but outside of those hours, you can train whenever you like for as long as you like (subject to capacity numbers) #Gains

Group Fitness classes will continue to require bookings due to Public Health Order class number restrictions.

Olympic Pool

The Olympic Pool numbers are increasing to 15 people per "double-lane"... that's a 50% INCREASE in capacity!

We have to maintain a booking schedule for all time slots however, this will allow for more patronage particularly as we head into Summer.

While this is exciting news... more people swimming means you will need to pay close attention to the lane speed signage; i.e. if you are a medium paced swimmer please do not swim in the fast lanes.

NO aqua play at anytime in any pool

In order for DRLC to remain COVIDsafe (and open) we remind you of the following:

Please see the links below for details;

Pool Bookings

Gym and Group Fitness Classes

General Reminders

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