New Lifeguard Uniform

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Why have we changed our lifeguard uniform?

In 2019, Royal Life Saving Society of Australia (RLSSA) updated their 'Aquatic Supervision - Pool Lifeguard Uniform' policy returning to the traditional red and yellow colours.
The reason is to 'ensure Lifeguards wear a visible, identifiable and consistent uniform to help promote international consistency and recognition'.
Each year, Royal Life conduct a safety audit of all public pools.
DRLC are proud to have held and maintained a 5-star safety rating for many years. 
For us to continue to hold this rating, it was a necessity for the Lifeguard uniforms to be changed in accordance with the new RLSSA guidelines. 
Whether you prefer the old blue uniforms (or not), I think we can all agree that the new uniforms make our Lifeguard's easy to identify and seek out should you require assistance!

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