Marine Dream in Botany Bay - Sue Liu at the Bayview

Sat 11 Feb 2023 - Sun 21 May 2023

The Bayview Gallery, La Perouse Museum
1542 Anzac Parade, La Perouse 2036

COMING SOON: The Bayview Gallery at La Perouse Museum is delighted to host artist Sue Liu and her intricate marine images drawn from scuba dives in Kamay Botany Bay.


Sue Liu – known as Wildcard-Sue – was invited to show in The Bayview as her stunning marine images bring the fragile and spectacular underwater ecosystem of Kamay Botany Bay into the Museum itself.

Inspired by her passion for the sea and scuba diving in Sydney, Wildcard-Sue's exhibition Marine Dream in Botany Bay is sure to submerge you into an forgettable dream on the shore of the Bay. This show features 50+ original artworks from her talented hand, drawn using mainly a black Artline pen and Tombow markers. Sue is a self-taught illustrator, observational artist and scuba diver, and brings the Bay's ocean animals to life here in her first solo gallery show.

These curious creatures all come from Sydney’s magical underwater world and are all vulnerable to the impact of pollutants, garbage, and refuse like fishing line and hooks that enter their environments and habitats.

The illustrations showcase marine animals you may be familiar with and many that you’ve never seen before! Study them up close in this exhibition and in intricate detail through Sue’s stunning mono and colour illustrations.

Sue will also be hosting workshops, markets and an author's talk at the Bowen Library alongside the exhibition. Keep an eye on What's On for more details!

Opening weekend, 11-12 February: Artist in the Gallery and artwork sales

Saturday 4 March: Artist in the Gallery and artwork sales, 10am - 3pm at La Perouse Museum

Tuesday 7 March: 'Reignite your Creative Spark' Talk and Workshop, Lional Bowen Library 6:30 - 8pm (via the Library webpage)

Saturday 25 March: Artist in the Gallery and artwork sales, 10am - 1pm at La Perouse Museum

Saturday 25 March: 'Observation Illustration' Drawing Workshop, 1 - 3pm at La Perouse Museum (tickets to be released on Eventbrite soon)

Last Updated: 6 December 2022
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