1X4: A Travelling Exhibition Developed by Newcastle Museum

Fri 26 Nov 2021 - Sun 13 Mar 2022

Community Galleries, La Perouse Museum
1542 Anzac Parade, La Perouse

The La Perouse Museum hosts 1X4, a travelling exhibition developed by Newcastle Museum that explores the way museums choose to interpret objects.

Free admission

The La Perouse Museum is excited to host 1X4, an award-winning travelling exhibition developed by Newcastle Museum.

Museums use objects to tell stories. It sounds simple but it's complicated.

Objects can tell multiple stories from many points of view – and not all of them agree!. So who chooses the story? Which story is the truth? Each object in this exhibition tells four distinct stories. You can listen to or read each of the four stories...or some...or none and just enjoy the beauty of the objects. Find one of the La Perouse Museum's own objects featuring in this exhibition too, and discover its four stories, each told from a different viewpoint.

To access the stories within this exhibition, bring your phone (and headphones!), match the object to its picture on 1X4's specially-designed website, and choose your own journey. Every story is the truth about the object and is a valid way to view it, but they are all different.

Look at history through different eyes.

Exhibition opening times

Curator's tour

Interested in joining the curator's tour? Join us with Newcastle Museum's Curator David Hampton and explore the award-winning exhibition 1X4. Book tickets here.

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