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Showcasing Randwick's Creative talent!

Randwick Council wants to grow arts and culture so that everyone can participate and enjoy it throughout their lives. We will spotlight artists, performers, writers, filmmakers, designers and all other creatives who are currently living in the Randwick LGA. We want to fuel creativity, increase participation and connect you with audiences. We want the whole community to know about you and your creative work. To do this we need your help!

Complete the survey

The Randwick Arts listing is a survey which will help us to get to know you and find out how we can support you and stay connected. The questions are about what you do, where you are in your career and what you need. You can also register to find out about:

  • Working on Council events and projects; and
  • Hearing about opportunities like grants, studios, residencies and networking.

You can also choose to be part of Randwick Arts Listing Database where we will upload your website on this page (see below) so the community can find you and contact you for work.

Complete the Randwick Arts Listing

Randwick Arts Listing Database

Find Randwick-based local performers, artists, writers and designers and other creative practitioners for your events and parties, for artwork to buy and any other creative collaboration that you can think of. If you are an artist who would like to be part of the Arts Listing Database, click on the Randwick Arts listing link and provide your details.

You can refine your search to one category eg. Visual Art, Performance including dance, Music including singing etc.

  • In the navigation bar (below) select Filter and + Add condition
  • In the first box click on the down arrow and select Please choose the category (at the bottom of the list)
  • In the last box – Select an option – click on the down arrow and select the category you wish to search eg. Visual art. Click outside the box to finish.

To clear the category search, click back on the Filter (highlighted in green) and click on the bin icon.

Last Updated: 31 May 2023
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