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Community is at the heart of Randwick City and at the forefront of Council’s Community Investment Program. With close to half a million dollars being awarded each year, here’s a closer look at what this program is all about and how you can get involved.

From street art to fundraisers to exhibitions and events, our Community Investment Program is aimed at empowering local groups and individuals by providing financial assistance that supports local initiatives, ideas and services - all with the goal of building a sense of community.

How does it work?

The program consists of a range of streams that focus on different needs in our community. Streams include:

* Community Partnerships – open to incorporated, not-for-profit social service organisations only. Funding is available for one- two- or threeyear projects for a maximum grant of $20,000 per year. Applications open at varying times throughout the year.

* Community Sustainable – provides support to houses, units, businesses and schools in Randwick City who are implementing environmental initiatives. Applications open all year round

*Community Connect – aims to support and develop a sense of community through events and activities that enrich the lives of our residents, cultivate engagement, and create a sense of belonging. Up to $10,000 in support or in-kind support (such as waiving of fees) available. Three rounds of applications open each year.

* Community Creative - supports the growth of creativity by funding a range of projects and activities that provide opportunities to connect communities and showcase creative arts and culture within the City. Up to $10,000 in financial and in-kind support available. Three rounds of applications open each year.

What are the guidelines?

The Community Connect stream aims to award financial aid to individuals, or non-profit organisations to help them development and execute projects that support social cohesion and belonging. To be eligible, recipients must coordinate a non-profit initiative based in Randwick City or that directly benefits the Randwick community. Ultimately, the program aims to fund ideas and projects that are inclusive, needs-based and conducive to building a strong sense of community. The grants award up to $10,000 ($3,000 for sole traders) to recipients, as well as the waiving of Council venue fees, to help fund the projects.

The Community Creative stream offers funding for artistic projects and activities that foster creative growth and expression to Randwick residents. Organisations as well as individual artists are eligible to apply for this grant. The grant funds various artistic endeavours, such as producing and exhibiting new work to the community, as well as funding research and development for new creative forms. It also aims to fund projects and programs that involve creating opportunities for community members to participate in artistic and cultural activities or workshops.

How do I apply?

Have you got a creative idea you’d like to explore? Or an idea that will bring the community together? We’d love to hear from you. Round two of our Community Connect and Community Creative grants are now open, with applications closing on June 11. Round three will open on 18 September, closing 15 October. Applications are made online through the SmartyGrants website. If you need help applying, contact Council. For further information, see our website.

Grant recipients

We’ve had so many wonderful applicants who are all putting community and creativity at the heart of what they do! Here’s some past grant recipients.

Jeremy Goldstein was able to bring his theatre project, THIS IS WHO I AM, to life with the help of a Community Creative grant. This theatre project features a series of autobiographic monologues from local members from the Burger Centre, a senior’s support centre. The project fosters a positive perception of Randwick’s ageing community by bringing untold stories to light.


Supported Playgroup
A Community Connect grant funded the local Supported Playgroup initiative, coordinated by South-Eastern Community Connect. This group provides a safe space and opportunity for both parents and children to socialise as they engage in a range of activities and a shared morning tea.

Supported Playgroup

WEAVE Kool Kids drama!
WEAVE Kool Kids after-school program was able to be expanded thanks to a Community Creative Grant, which meant a new 8-week drama program has been added. Led by the experienced professionals from Milk Crate Theatre, the program will help participants develop original stories and showcase them to their family and friends.

Weave Kool Kids drama

La Perouse Aboriginal Community Fun Day
La Perouse United Junior Rugby League Football Club received funds from the Community Connect grant to aid in organising a La Perouse Aboriginal Community Fun Day. This all-inclusive fun day celebrates the connectedness of both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community members in Randwick City.

La Perouse Aboriginal Community Fun Day

Run Swim Coogee
A Community Connect grant and the waiving of fees helps support events such as Run Swim Coogee, hosted by Coogee Surf Life Saving Club. This event gives the community an opportunity to compete and enjoy our wonderful coastline in a safe and positive environment.

Run Swim Coogee

COVID heroes celebrated!
Local artist Sandra Cipriotti used a Creative Community grant to create street banners that celebrated our COVID heroes. The banners featured brightly coloured original artworks painted by the artist, which and were funded by our Community Creative grants.

Covid heroes celebrated

McIver's Ladies Baths Celebrated
Recipients of a Community Creative grant, The Randwick and Coogee Ladies Swimming Association, has directed their funds to create a record of the generations of women and their families who have volunteered at McIver’s Ladies Baths in Coogee for over a century. Due to be exhibited at Bowen Library in August 2023, it will showcase a historic collection of private and public records and artefacts that chronicle the remarkable people who have helped create, maintain and defend McIver’s Ladies Baths as a safe place for women and children to swim.

McIver's Ladies Baths Celebrated

First hand story telling
The team at First-Hand Solutions use grant funding to help run their BlakMarkets at Bare Island. They'll also be working with Aboriginal elder, artist and scholar Peter McKenzie to create their exhibition, ‘Catch N Cook’. Funds will be directed towards compiling historical research and interviews with members of the community, in order to tell the culturally significant story of fishing and the Aboriginal community of La Perouse.

First hand story telling

Last Updated: 24 May 2023
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