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Earlier this year the stairs at the northern side of Lurline Bay were closed off. A large crack appeared in the stairs after a storm, making them unsafe to use.

These stairs provided access to the northern end of Lurline Bay and many coastal walkers and fishers used them to reach the rocks. Due to the development of major cracks and the collapse of the supporting brick pier, the stairs were closed.

Council has engaged a qualified and experienced structural engineer to investigate and develop remedial options to repair the damaged concrete stairs.

The assessment to repair the stairs includes a detailed inspection of the structure and geological conditions of the site and its immediate surroundings. A replacement set of stairs that can stand up to the harsh coastal environment and that uses environmentally sustainable and cost-effective materials is the desired solution.

The assessment will take time to ensure a safe structure for pedestrian access that is enduring of coastal environment conditions. We will continue to keep you updated on this project.

We ask everyone to stick to the coastal walkway route as shown on our website here.

A large crack has appeared in the stairs at the north side of Lurline Bay.

These stairs are often used by fishers or others who want to explore the rockpools or go for a swim at Lurline Bay. This area can still be accessed at the southern end of the bay via this path:

Entry to the bay can still be accessed from the southern side.

The coastal walkway as currently marked on Council's website, moves back off the coast along Malabar Road, onto Mermaid Avenue before connecting back up with the coastal path at the southern side of Lurline Bay. The walk is marked by these signs:

Look for these signs that mark the coastal walkway route.

The stairs will be closed until a safe plan to repair or replace the stairs has been assessed. Thank you for staying safe and sticking to the route marked.

These stairs are closed due to damage from recent storms.

Last Updated: 30 November 2022
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