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Randwick City Council will take part in the 'Get the Site Right' building inspection blitz, which will take place Thursday 19 May, with Rangers inspecting all construction sites across the whole local government area. Erosion and sediment controls at building and construction sites will be put under a compliance microscope as the campaign aims to educate builders and developers on best practice controls as well as highlight the impact of sediment runoff on our waterways and wildlife.

Following best practice controls at all construction sites is especially important during times of wet weather. Already an unprecedented amount of storm water runoff, including sediment from building sites, has flowed into the state’s rivers, harbours and beaches.

Sediment laden runoff from building sites often contains common building materials such as cement, sand and soil. In large amounts, these materials can contaminate water and cause algal blooms that harm marine plants and animals. They can also build up in marine species and have a dangerous impact on the food chain.

The May Get the Site Right campaign focuses on encouraging builders and developers to improve erosion and sediment controls on site to prevent further runoff from impacting our currently stressed waterways.

Here's 8 ways builders can have a positive impact on sediment runoff:

The discoloration and pollution of many of the state’s waterways following heavy rains this year highlights what can happen when significant amounts of soil, litter, and other waste enters our waterways. Large building sites can lose truckloads of soil if it is not contained using effective controls.

Storm water runoff is the biggest source of pollution in our waterways and sediment runoff from building and construction sites is a major contributor. Campaigns such as Get the Site Right raise awareness about the different ways the building industry and community can help care for our local waterways.

The Get the Site Right campaign inspection blitz on Thursday, 19 May with a follow-up inspection blitz week to be held in October.

Members of the public are encouraged to report pollution incidents, including poor sediment control, to their local council or the EPA’s 24/7 Environment Line on 131 555.

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