Why does Heritage matter? And what is listed in our draft LEP?

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Randwick Council's Comprehensive Planning Proposal proposes to amend our Local Environment Plan (LEP), to list more than 50 new heritage items, amend existing and new heritage conservation areas, as well as make a number of housekeeping changes to existing heritage items. Here's what you need to know.

Why does heritage matter?

Heritage listing provides certainty for owners, neighbours and purchasers that significant items are protected. Protecting properties through planning legislation enriches local character, streetscape appeal and community understanding of an area's story. It ensures properties of heritage significance are safeguarded for future generations.

Current heritage items in Randwick City

Randwick City has more than 400 heritage items, comprising of individual buildings, groupings of buildings, archaeological sites, open space and parks. There are also 20 heritage conservation areas (HCAs), including precincts, streetscapes or groups of buildings that have particular heritage value and give a distinct identity to an area. This may include common historic origins, architectural period character, consistency in building materials and/or common age of building stock. You can see the list of Randwick's current heritage conservation areas here and search the current heritage list here.

So, what's proposed in the draft LEP?

After an extensive study of heritage items, along with a community consultation, which took place in 2020, the following changes for heritage listings are proposed in the draft Local Environment Plan (LEP):

To see the full list of properties affected, download our LEP Heritage fact sheet and refer to TABLE  1.

Read more about the changes to heritage properties here.

Want to know more about the draft LEP?

Come to one of our pop-up sessions to ask your questions:

How to have your say

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment is the plan-making authority for the finalisation of this Planning Proposal.

Submissions on the draft LEP close at 5pm on Tuesday 12 July 2022.

If you would like to speak with a planning officer about the LEP changes, call our dedicated enquiry line on 9093 6995.

For an overview of all the proposed changes to the Local Environment Plan, see our overview summary sheet.

NOTE: We understand that change is confronting and there are legitimate concerns about increasing populations and densities. Council shares these concerns and we have been vocal in objecting to NSW State Government housing targets. But the reality is we don’t have a choice. We are under direction from the NSW State Government to meet housing targets of 4,464 new dwellings in the next 6-10 years. To limit the impact of these housing targets, our draft LEP proposes that additional housing is located in areas close to public transport, jobs and shops. We have put considerable research and consultation into the LEP review process and would genuinely like to hear your thoughts and views prior to making a final decision.

Last Updated: 15 June 2022
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