Malabar Pool Coping Complete

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Randwick City is lucky enough to be home to some of Sydney’s most beautiful ocean pools and maintaining them is part of our commitment to the community. We recently began the Ocean Pool Restoration Project, which involves completing minor civil works as well as repairing the coping around four of our very popular ocean pools.

In 2019, after a coping restoration project done at Malabar didn’t meet expectations, Council consulted further experts in the field and researched new cementing products. When repairs were performed at Wylie's Baths, a different product called Cement-All was used and the end result is of excellent condition, even more than a year later.

The coping around the edge of Malabar Ocean Pool was rough and bumpy, with sections of concrete having chipped away due to storm erosion.

The rough coping that surrounded Malabar Ocean Pool before it was redone.

We recently applied Cement-All around the edge of the pool, with great results.

The coping around the edge of Malabar Ocean Pool is much smoother and safer now the restoration is complete.

Four of our pools – Wylie’s Baths, Malabar Ocean Pool, Mahon Pool,  and Ross Jones Pool – were identified as needing restoration work around the outer edge of the pool. Work will now begin at Mahon Pool and move onto Ross Jones Pool. The pools will be closed while the work takes place. You can learn more about the timelines and project details here.

Last Updated: 3 August 2022
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