Pop-up pedal parks are back for 2021

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When carparks were closed in 2020, local kids loved riding around the open space.

We’ve got some wheelie exciting news! Pop-up pedal parks are back for the winter and better than ever!

Thanks to community popularity and support, Clovelly Beach car park and Chifley Sports Reserve car park will have sections cordoned off to create fun, pop-up pedal parks for the community to enjoy commencing from Wednesday 2 June 2021 for three months.

The Clovelly Beach pop-up pedal park will take up a smaller area than it did in 2020 to help balance the impact on parking.

A ‘Free Ride Party’ will be held on Friday 4 June 2021 between 3.30pm and 4.30pm at Clovelly Beach.

"Families love having access to a safe place for their children to ride and play and we're happy to provide this type of space, which prioritises people," explains Danny Said, Mayor of Randwick.

This year, the pedal parks will be different to previous year, taking up less space, but providing more interest for riders by including ramps, rails and tunnels. Plus, there are plans to host safe-riding workshops for kids during the school holidays in these locations.

A mock-up of the pedal park that will be installed in Chifley.

"I'm looking forward to providing the community with a fun winter alternative for their kids to get outside and get active," says Mayor Said, who will be at the opening of the Clovelly Beach pop-up pedal park with a 'Free Ride Party' on Friday 4 June 2021 between 3:30pm and 5:30pm.

It was one of the surprisingly pleasant side effects to come out of 2020, when local residents took advantage of the closed, empty car parks and used them as recreational play spaces. As kids scootered, skated or rode bikes, carers and friends gathered on the side, drinking hot drinks and taking the time to get to know their neighbours and community.

When beachside carparks reopened in mid 2020, Council received many requests from residents to continue to provide a safe place for play, especially during the winter months when the car parks are less utilised.

The Clovelly Beach carpark will be closed during the day on Tuesday 1 June 2021 so the pedal park can be constructed. The Chifley Sports Reserve carpark will be closed from Wednesday 2 June while the pedal park constructed until it is uninstalled.

A mock-up of the pedal park that will be installed in Clovelly.

“We hope the local community embraces the pop-up pedal parks and comes down to enjoy the Free Ride Party on Friday 4 June in Clovelly, to help launch the project. I’ll see you there!” Says Mayor Said.

The location of the pedal park in Clovelly.

Last Updated: 1 March 2022
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