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With the announcement of a two-week lockdown across Greater Sydney, Wollongong, Shellharbour, the Blue Mountains and the Central Coast, there is no doubt that many of us are experiencing unexpected disruptions. Artists, performers, local business owners and their staff, in particular, have been hit hard by restrictions that require many of them to significantly alter the way they conduct business.

As a community there are plenty of ways to help out, even while we’re required to stay at home.

Put your feet up and order in

Many local restaurants and cafes are offering takeaway options and will need our help over the coming weeks and months to make back some losses. This is your official calling to keep your Ugg boots on and order your favourite dishes in! You can order through a food delivery app, or give the venue a call and pick up tonight’s dinner in person (while wearing a mask).

Support local business

Put social media to good use

Promote your favourite barista, florist, butcher or hairdresser on your social media. The more people who know about them and why you think they’re great, the easier it is for them to grow their customer base. Share a photo on Instagram, Facebook or even Twitter and tag the business. While it may seem small, your opinion can matter a lot to those around you. Unleash the social media influencer within you.

Give them a follow

While you’re tagging your favourite business, give them a follow too. This will ensure you’re aware of any extra activities they’re doing to keep their business going during these tough times and can give them the support they need. Don’t forget to engage with their posts, as well – a like, share or a comment means more people are likely to see what they’re saying.

Vote in our Business Excellence Awards

We hold these awards every two years and now is the perfect time to get behind your favourite business and show them some love. There are 28 categories to vote in – select a few or vote in all of them – it’s up to you. The Business Excellence Awards are a great way to boost awareness and show your support.

Support local business

Join our Facebook Group

At the beginning of the pandemic last year we created a Facebook Group to bring businesses and residents of Randwick City together. Check out some deals, give a business a great recommendation or promote your own services. Just type Shop local: connecting customers and businesses in Randwick City into the Facebook search bar or click here.

Buy a gift card

Throw a lifeline to your favourite business by purchasing a gift card. This will provide them with the cashflow they so desperately need, while giving you a little treat to look forward to in the near future.

Reschedule instead of cancelling

If plans have gone awry because of the lockdown, see if you can push your booking back to another date once restrictions have lifted, so the venue or performer know they can rely on future business. If a gig or performance has been postponed, keep hold of your ticket rather than requesting a refund.

Is it online?

Has your favourite business switched to an online business model – are they offering a class via Zoom or creating digital entertainment that can be enjoyed at home? Many musicians, performers in the arts, and entertainers have adopted this as a strategy, so see if there is a different way you can still enjoy their skills.

Local performers

Buy official merchandise

Bands and venues will often have t-shirts and other branded paraphernalia available for sale. For many, this will be their primary source of income during a lockdown. Got a music lover in the family? A t-shirt, vinyl or even just a fridge magnet may be just the gift you’re looking for. Make sure you head to the band or venue’s website to make sure you are buying official merchandise.

Shopping at small, local businesses and supporting local artists has a positive economic flow-on within our community. Buying locally means you’re helping a business to grow and employ members from the community, which in turn keeps money circulating in the area. It may also mean that items produced locally have travelled a smaller distance and racked up fewer air miles – which is a more sustainable way to shop.

Last Updated: 1 March 2022
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