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Eastern Beaches Council has been chosen as the winning name in Waverley and Randwick Councils’ Name Your New Council competition.

The Mayors of Waverley and Randwick chose this name after assessing the results of 349 submissions from the community. 

Of the 349 entries from the Waverley, Randwick and Woollahra communities, 19 per cent chose Eastern Beaches Council as their preferred name for the merged council. 

Waverley Mayor, Sally Betts said Eastern Beaches was chosen due to the community pride in the beautiful coastal lifestyle residents in all three council areas enjoy every day.

“Residents rightly pointed out that this area has the best beaches in Australia in Sydney’s East,” she said.

“I am delighted the community had an opportunity to have a say on this important decision.

“It is exciting that the community will now have a sense of ownership on the name of the new entity.”

Randwick Mayor, Noel D’Souza said the competition shows that residents across the eastern suburbs feel a strong sense of connection with the beach.

“I’d like to thank everybody who had their say in this important consultation. It’s clear that the beach lifestyle resonates strongly with many people and it creates a proud community of interest.

“Randwick City Council has an adopted position of a preference for the name Eastern Sydney Council, however the community has spoken and I am happy to also put forward to the Government the suggestion Eastern Beaches Council.”

“The proposed merger of Randwick, Waverley and Woollahra will result in a strong eastern beaches council with 28 beaches and bays, three national parks and 274,000 residents,” Mayor D’Souza said.

Winners of the competition will win a double pass to see a movie at their choice of The Ritz Cinema in Randwick or Event Cinema in Bondi Junction. 

While originally, the councils planned to submit three preferred names to the State Government, the Mayors felt Eastern Beaches Council was the standout winner. 

Other names that were popular included Eastern Sydney Council, Eastern Suburbs Council, and Sydney Eastern Bays.  Fifty-four per cent of all submissions included East, 21 per cent included beaches, and 7 per cent included the coast. 

Comments from residents included “the beaches is what makes this part of Sydney so special”, “it is a logical descriptive and evocative of the area”, “it describes the area’s main attraction”, “it’s obvious”, “it’s a true name and very fitting”.  

The winning name chosen by the community and other possible names will be submitted to the State Government prior to proclamation of the new entity.

Last Updated: 1 March 2022
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