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Randwick City Council embraces diversity in all recruitment practices. The information collected in the section to the application form is kept confidential.It is only used for record keeping purposes and to help us better understand our applicants and develop our workforce.

Please note that this page is detached from the previous pages of the application form. Your suitability for the vacant position will be judged solely on the selection criteria for the position, and will not be influenced by the information in this section.

Responding to this information is not compulsory, however is incredibly valuable.

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I declare that the information provided in this form and all supporting application documents for this position is true and correct. If appointed, my failure to provide true and correct information in relation to this position could lead to my dismissal from Randwick City Council.

Further, I acknowledge that I have truly and accurately represented my prior employment history and qualifications in this application. I give Randwick City Council permission to make enquiries to ensure the accuracy of my prior employment history or my qualifications. I understand that this will occur only if my application progresses to the interview stage of the recruitment process.

Last Updated: 6 February 2023
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