Dudley's Emporium

Cnr. Anzac Parade and Maroubra Road, Maroubra

In 1912 pioneer land developer Herbert Dudley, whose slogan was "Watch Maroubra Grow," built suburban emporium on this site. Emporium included small cinema, stores for produce, hardware, groceries, draperies, refreshments, chemist, butchery and residence.

Herbert Dudley's association with the area began in the 1890s when his parents built a holiday house at Long Bay. Dudley left school at the age of 14 and became an apprentice draper with Farmer and Co.

In 1903 Herbert Dudley moved his family to Long Bay into a house he had built next to his parents' holiday home.

Whilst still employed by Farmer and Co. Dudley began buying large areas of crown land at Long Bay which he subdivided and resold at weekends. Dudley was aided by his employers, the Pope family, who held controlling interest in Farmer and Co. The Pope family recognized his talents and became the financial backer for his real estate undertakings.

By 1912 Dudley had built the first stage of "Dudley's Corner" - a dwelling for his family and a small office, for, by this time, his business had grown and he was selling land in areas such as the Surfside Estate at Maroubra.

Dudley was quick to recognize the need for community services and facilities close to residential areas if residential growth was to be encouraged. With this in mind he set about building the Emporium.

Dudley resigned his position with Farmer and Co in 1913 to become a fulltime land developer and auctioneer and by the early 1920s was a wealthy man.

Herbert Dudley died in 1927 aged 57.

Last Updated: 24 October 2022
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