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Planning begins with understanding our community’s aspirations for the future.

These aspirations then form the basis for a suite of integrated plans that set out the community’s vision and goals; and develop strategic actions to achieve them.

Our planning is based on the NSW Government's legislated integrated planning and reporting (IP&R) framework and is designed so that Council and the community both have a clear picture of:

  • where we are now and where we want to go (Community Strategic Plan (we call it our City Plan) and Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS))
  • how we plan to get there (Delivery Program, Operational Plan, Resourcing Strategy)
  • how we will measure our progress (Quarterly, Annual and End of Term Reports)
  • how we will know we have arrived (Performance Management Framework)

A suite of informing strategies are being developed to provide an important link between the high level outcomes of the City Plan/LSPS and the delivery program outcomes and objectives.

At the core of our framework is ongoing community engagement to ensure that our aspirations, outcomes and actions represent what the community wants and needs.

The following diagram summarises how we plan for Randwick City's future and ensure that our day to day activities deliver real measurable benefits to the community.

Integrated Planning Flowchart

Randwick City Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS)

Local Strategic Planning Statement PDF, 5212.51 KB

The Randwick City Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) provides the framework for land use planning and decision making over the next 20 years.

The LSPS is consistent with the City Plan and outlines our community’s land use vision. It provides clear planning priorities about where housing, jobs, infrastructure and open space should be located; and actions for delivery of these priorities.

The LSPS guides the content of Council’s Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and Development Control Plan (DCP).

City Plan – Community Strategic Plan

Randwick City Plan PDF, 8790.75 KB

The Randwick City Plan defines our community’s vision and sets priorities, strategies and activities that will make this vision a reality. Council is committed to working with the community, key partners and stakeholders to achieve the vision and make Randwick City an even better place to live, work and play.

The City Plan is a long-term plan that was first developed in 2006 and is kept up-to-date by ongoing consultation with the community.

Informing Strategies

Council is currently working with the community to establish a suite of informing strategies across major areas of community importance including the Environment, Arts and Culture, Economic Development, Transport, Open Space and Recreation and Housing.

These Informing Strategies are based on research and provide an important link between the vision and high level outcomes of the City Plan and the specific actions that will deliver these outcomes.

Resourcing Strategy

Council is currently preparing new/updated resourcing strategies to explain how we will meet our obligations now and in the future, taking into account customer experience, workforce, finances, technology and assets.

The Resourcing Strategy PDF, 517.67 KB is based around four interlinking plans: the Workforce Plan; the Digital Strategy and Asset Management Strategy.

Together these plans provide a framework for allocating and prioritising resources to create outcomes in the City Plan and to plan our day to day operations.

The Workforce Plan PDF, 1567.26 KB provides us with a framework to employ staff that can achieve our strategic directions, develop innovative solutions and deliver services and programs efficiently.

The Long Term Financial Plan PDF, 2298.33 KB has a ten-year outlook which is updated twice a year. It enables us to better plan and understand our long term financial requirements and adapt to changing financial circumstances.

The Digital Strategy PDF, 794.89 KB provides detail on council’s business systems and technology. It outlines the digital strategy and major project initiatives to help Randwick to become a smart city and Council be a leader in the delivery of services through digital channels.

The Asset Management Strategy PDF, 6686.91 KB sets out how Council will manage its physical assets in a sustainable manner and to adapt for future use. The Asset Management Strategy is divided into five key asset classes. These include:

Delivery Program and Operational Plan and Budget

2021-22 Operational Plan and Budget PDF, 4105.12 KB

The Delivery Program outlines the work we will undertake over the next four years in response to community aspirations in the City Plan. It outlines our key projects and services and how these will be funded. The current four-year delivery program is located within the City Plan.

The annual Operational Plan & Budget includes specific actions that are budgeted to be completed each financial year. It also provides performance indicators that will be used to measure and determine the effectiveness of the activities.

Financial Statements, Quarterly & Annual Reports

Council updates the community about its progress on specific projects and services every three months in Quarterly Performance Reports and its achievements over the year in its Annual Report. These reports are reported to Council Meetings and published below.

Annual Reports

Financial Statements

Quarterly Reports

As Randwick City Council is the guardian of Randwick City, we need to be accountable for our actions. Council updates the community about its progress on its specific projects and services every three months in Quarterly Performance Reports and its achievements over the year in its Annual Report. In each of these reports we measure our effectiveness through key performance indicators.

Community Engagement Plan

The way that Council consults with our local community is guided by Council's Community Participation Plan.

Randwick City Council recognises the important role that community participation and engagement plays in helping the community have a voice in Council decision-making.

Council recognises and values the insights, skills, knowledge and experience of the local community. These community resources can help Council to understand issues better, involve the community in matters that affect them and ultimately contribute to better decision-making and outcomes.

Local Environmental Plans and Development Control Plans

Randwick City Council does not make its plans for the area in isolation.

In developing a strategy for the future, Randwick City Council takes into consideration other broader plans such as NSW 2021, the 10 year State Plan and the Metropolitan Plan for Sydney 2036, and integrates them with key council documents such as the new Local Environmental Plan.

Previous Integrated Planning and Reporting Documents

Annual Reports

End of Term Reports

Financial Statements

Operational Plans and Budget

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