Apply for Interest Waiver – COVID-19 Impact

Apply for an interest waiver on Rates due to COVID-19 impact

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact us all, Council is accepting applications for the waiver of interest on annual rates and charges for a 4-month period 1 July – 31 October 2021.

Use the following form to apply for a waiver of interest on your Rate Account if you have been affected financially by the pandemic and you are finding it difficult to pay on time. You must be the owner of the property to make application.

We will get back to you in writing to confirm and to explain any waiver conditions.

You are welcome to pay any amount you can afford during the 4-month interest waiver period as any payment you make now will reduce any amount of future interest.

Disclaimer & privacy

This application is for Council’s consideration for a waiver on your Rate Account for the 4-month period 1 July – 31 October 2021, determined in response to your circumstances in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Council is empathetic and flexible and will waive interest on application for the specified period for all reasonable applications.  While payment arrangements are encouraged, having a payment arrangement in place for your account is not a mandatory condition for the approval of this interest waiver.

Personal information collected by Randwick City Council is protected by the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998. Personal information is any information that could reasonably identify you. We are committed to protecting your privacy in accordance with our legislative obligations. Any personal information that you provide on this form will only be used by our Revenue Team for the purpose specified or for a directly related purpose. Supplying your personal information is voluntary. However, providing insufficient information may restrict our ability to carry out our functions (or assist you). If you would like to access your personal information or if the information on this form requires correction, contact our Revenue Team. If you would like more information on privacy, please refer to our Privacy Management Plan PDF, 1243.26 KB

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Are you the property owner ? If No you are unable to progress with this request. Only owners can apply for an interest waiver for their rate account.  If your property is owned by multiple people, only one applicant need apply *
Have the restrictions of the current Public Health Order (PHO) affected your ability to work and earn your normal income? *
Do you currently receive financial support from other levels of government? *

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